Shots Fired During Roddy Ricch, 42 Dugg Music Video Leaves 3 Wounded

A shooting broke out on the set of 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch’s newest music video, Sunday.

Roddy Ricch, 42 Dugg

Shots were reportedly fired in southwest Atlanta on-site at a music video shoot for 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch that left three people injured, two of whom were hospitalized. WSB-TV Atlanta reports that it is unconfirmed whether both rappers were on the set during the shooting.

Police responded to the call of shots fired around 4:00 PM, Sunday, at a scrap yard on Wells Street. Grady EMS treated one victim who was merely grazed by a bullet at the scene, while the other two victims were taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. Their current condition has not been announced.

The victims’ names have not been revealed and a shooter has not been arrested. An investigation is currently underway.

“Three victims don’t seem to be seriously hurt according to witnesses we talked to who were on set,” local WSB-TV reporter Steve Gehlbach, who was on the scene, said.

DJ A-Tron recently confirmed on Twitter that Ricch was not one of the victims and is doing well. 

“My n***a Roddy good, all the homies good,” he tweeted.

“The Box” rapper recently celebrated the massive success of the hit single on Instagram by posting a giant plague for going seven-times platinum.

And the pursuit of rappers continues smh … Thank God Dugg and Roddy are alright

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