Fivio Foreign Accused Of Sexual Assault: Report

A Brooklyn woman made the allegations against Fivio Foreign during a recent live-stream.

A Brooklyn woman, known publicly as Zendi, has made allegations against rapper Fivio Foreign, claiming that he sexually assaulted her at a party. She made the claims during a live-stream, saying that Fivio forced himself on her and stuck his finger inside of her without her consent.
Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Instagram blog @gossipofthecity_ has shared videos of the woman recalling her alleged experience with Fivio, saying, “I’m in a room, he comes in the room, he locks the door. This sh*t is not funny. We’re laying down and he starts touching me. I’m like, ‘get off of me’. I’m screaming but the f*cking music is so loud, I was screaming my friend’s name, but the music was so loud nobody could hear me. He sticks his fingers up me, I’m like, ‘yo, this feels like rape’. He’s like, ‘b*tch I will rape you right now.'”

The woman says that after Fivio’s friend and her friend entered the room when the music was shut off, the rapper got off of her. 

Zendi’s friend reportedly also shared her side of the story, corroborating her claims in the post below.

People have been commenting on the allegations on social media, reacting to the claims made against Fivio. Thus far, the rapper has not issued any public statements on the allegations. We will keep you posted on any updates.

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