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It looks like a rift between Pooh Shiesty and Kodak Black has formed.

This afternoon (March 8), Kodak Black posted several videos on Instagram in which he claims that he is the one who invented the spreading money flex that many rappers have adopted in recent years. He first noted how Lil Baby rapped the lyrics “Postin’ money on the ’Gram, I invented that” on Lil Durk’s “Finesse Out the Gang Way” track, which appears on Durk’s The Voice album.null

“I was just listening to my boy Lil Baby’s song, uh, ah, he was on my dog Lil Durk’s song,” Kodak began, showing a 2016 photo of himself spreading money on his arm. “He said, uh, some shit, ‘Postin’ money on the ’Gram, I invented that.’ That’s some crazy shit like that. Stop playing, Lil Baby. This is 2016. Brrrr. I’m outchea, man. You know who the G.O.A.T. is, man, of this lil shit.”

Kodak went on to claim that he just wants people in the rap industry to give credit where he believes the credit is due, as well as clarifying that he wasn’t dissing anyone directly. He captioned the now-deleted post, “This just a matter of fact ! I ain’t dissing nobody, ion even know y’all I’m just saying and this not to say the respect level ain’t on either side, but you know…”

Pooh Shiesty responded to the post from Kodak by reposting it in his own Instagram Story and said, “This shit here so lame to me lost all my respect @kodakblack.” He deleted it soon after.

poohshiesty via Instagram

Project Baby then went on IG Live with what appears to be a number of his Sniper Gang associates, in response to Pooh. In the clip, Kodak said, “That brrr shit really be ’bout…” Another member of the Florida rapper’s crew said during the livestream, “That’s what that brrr shit mean. We really run through shit here.”null

Kodak later appears to be warning Pooh, saying, “Keep that shit cute. Don’t make it all that, bruh. Keep that shit cute.”

While the exact origin of the social media tension is unclear, several folks on social media support Kodak Black proclaiming that he’s among the first of the rapper money spreaders to start the wave.null

One person retweeted a video that Kodak shared back in 2016, with a caption that said, “Kodak been on dat before Pooh 💯.”

A second person likened Pooh Shiesty‘s rap style to Kodak’s, writing, “Pooh shiesty is Kodak son. I been said that. From the spreading to the blrddd to the slow rapping. Just a different location n accent. He ain’t shitty. He just claim he started shit Kodak did.”

See more reactions from fans on Twitter about the Kodak Black and Pooh Shiesty beef below.

See Wild Rap Beefs That’ll Probably Never Be Resolved

Pusha-T and Drake

The issues between Drake and Pusha-T go pretty far back. The beef started with the issues between the Clipse—Pusha and his brother No Malice—and Lil Wayne, which reportedly has roots on the collab track “What Happen to That Boy.” Drake’s affiliation with Wayne made him a target. In 2011, the beef between Drake and Pusha began to grow legs. Pusha dropped the song “Don’t Fuck With Me,” which sampled Drake’s “Dreams Money Can Buy,” on which Drake allegedly disses Pusha subliminally. Then Push released “Exodus 23:1” in 2012.

Pusha-T fired shots at Lil Wayne on “Your Favorite Rapper” and Drake responded by threatening violence on “Tuscan Leather” on his 2013 album, Nothing Was the Same. In 2016, Drake took aim at Pusha’s drug-dealing past on “Two Birds, One Stone.” Then, Pusha-T dropped “Infrared,” which appears on his 2018 album Daytona, reheating the beef between himself and Drizzy. Push called out Drake for using ghostwriters. Drake then dropped “Duppy Freestyle” in retaliation, which fired shots at both Pusha-T and Kanye West. Push then released “The Story of Adidon.” The single’s artwork depicts Drake in blackface from an old photo shoot. The song gained a lot of attention and resulted in plenty reactions, especially from hip-hop. One of the most gasping bars was when Pusha revealed that Drake fathered a secret son.

Drake later confirmed he has a son on songs “Emotionless” and “March 14” on his 2018 Scorpion album. Drizzy shares a son named Adonis with former adult film star Sophie Brussaux. In 2019, Drake said he had no desire to patch things up with Pusha. Last year, the Virginia lyricist appeared to diss Aubrey on a leaked Pop Smoke song and Drake also dropped some subliminal bars on Headie’s “Only You Freestyle.” This beef has never officially been put to bed but it’s currently inactive.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 2

YG and 6ix9ine

In a nutshell, YG explained that Tekashi was “playing with too much of the real shit” in a 2018 The Breakfast Club interviewand he felt obligated to intervene. YG was referring to 6ix9ine trolling on the internet. And of course, Tekashi caught wind of the California rapper’s interview and responded via Instagram. “YG, suck my fuckin’ dick, stupid. Your last single before your album came out had four major artists on there. You had 2 Chainz, you had Nicki Minaj and you had Big Sean. How’s my record doing better than your shit? You a whole bum out here,” Tekashi said at the time. “Stop going on radio stations tryna promote your album mentioning my name.”

Things nearly turned physical between the crews in November 2018 when Tekashi and YG affiliate Slim 400 got into a heated argument at ComplexCon. The volley of disses continued in 2019 but died down in 2020. Yet, YG and 6ix9ine haven’t made amends and it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon—if at all.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 1

Young Thug and YFN Lucci

Young Thug and YFN Lucci’s beef dates back to 2017, when Lucci tweeted, “Pac would’ve never wore a dress” in response to Thugger dubbing himself the new Tupac that same year and Thug wearing a dress on the cover of his 2016 mixtape Jeffery. Thug wrote back on Twitter, saying, “U lil mad or big mad peon.” He then seemingly threatened Lucci writing, “Thank god u able to take care ya mama, and be humble Doin to much could become a deep sleep.” Lucci later dropped a single called “Like Pac.”

The beef died down shortly after that, but in March of 2019, Young Thug responded to fans questioning the status of his beef with Lucci. “Man, of course I’m gon’ slap Lucci and Sauce,” Young Thug said on his Instagram Livestream, also referring to Houston rapper Sauce Walka. “I’ma slap the hell out y’all little niggas man. Stop playin’. Keep playin’ and know what time it is.” Lucci responded, insisting that Thug wouldn’t be putting his hands on anyone and mentioning Young Thug’s then-girlfriend Jerrika Karlae in an Instagram video.

The two rappers continued to trade insults back and forth with Thug posting the eyebrow-raising Instagram Story post, “@yfn if ain like what u do for your mother and kids I WOULDVE BEEN KILLED U,” following a bad album review from Lucci. Last March, Thug reignited the beef by poking fun at Lucci’s jewelry. No major transgressions have occurred since then. However, there has been no love gained.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 1

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly

Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly‘s tension dates all the way back to May of 2012. It all started when MGK made a comment about Em’s daughter, Hailie, in a Twitter post. The Cleveland rapper referred to Hailie as “hot as fuck” after a photo of her went viral. Hailie was 16 years old at the time. Years later, in October of 2015, MGK indirectly accused Em during an interview of having him blackballed from the Shade45 satellite radio station while discussing his sophomore album, General Admission, not receiving the proper amount of support and radio play. MGK’s claims are presumably connected to his own tweet about Hailie.

In March of 2018, MGK appeared on Tech N9ne’s song “No Reason” and many people assumed that he dissed Eminem on the record. Em released his surprise LP, Kamikaze, months later in August and delivered a direct diss at Machine Gun Kelly on the song “Not Alike” featuring Royce 5’9″. The diss didn’t go unaddressed as MGK dropped “Rap Devil” days later. In September of 2018, Em dropped “Kill Shot,” adding another layer to the longstanding feud. MGK later dissed Eminem at a show in Orlando, Fla.

Fast forward to 2020, their issues haven’t been resolved. Marshall dissed Kelly on his surprise album, Music to Be Murdered By. Then Kelly appeared to diss Slim on the track “Bullets With Names” and recently blamed Em for the lukewarm reception of MGK’s Hotel Diablo album. Em didn’t waste an opportunity to diss MGK on the B Side of his latest deluxe album, which Kelly ultimately brushed off.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 1

50 Cent and Ja Rule

In 1999, Ja Rule was allegedly robbed for his chain at gunpoint by one of 50 Cent‘s affiliates. 50 claims he later saw Ja at the club and they had a rather tense interaction. Ja, however, claims this never happened. Fif later released the diss track “Life’s on the Line,” aimed at Ja Rule and Murder Inc, the label he was signed to. Their beef came to physical blows in 2000. The two rappers were booked at the same nightclub where their appearance resulted in a physical altercation. 50 Cent was stabbed by a Murder Inc. crew member at The Hit Factory recording studios in New York City.

Between 2002 and 2003, the two rappers traded insults back and forth in the form of diss tracks including 50’s “I Smell Pussy,” “Back Down” and “Hail Mary,” and Ja Rule’s “Loose Change” and “Guess Who Shot Ya.” Ja and Murder Inc. also maintained that 50 took out an order of protection against them for the Hit Factory incident. Through the years, Fif and Ja have continued to trade insults back and forth at any opportunity they get. The most petty shenanigans tend to come from Fif. While Ja has admitted to losing the battle, that has not stopped him from going at the Power creator’s neck.

This beef spans more than two decades and, according to 50, won’t end until one of them is dead.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 1

Lil’ Kim and Nicki Minaj

The beef between Nicki Minaj and Lil’ Kim goes all the way back to the cover of Nicki’s 2008 mixtape, Sucka Free, on which Nicki is shown squatting in a bra and panties. The artwork resembles Lil’ Kim’s 1996 Hardcore album artwork on which she famously squats. This began the chatter that Nicki was copying Kim. They later met at a Lil Wayne concert, where Nicki claims she asked Kim if everything was cool between them. They both supposedly have different versions of the conversation. Nicki claims Kim responded that they were cool, while Kim says she replied, “Picture somebody saying to me, ‘We good?’ I’ll ring her throat, snatch her larynx out.”

Their beef continued and Nicki eventually threw shade at Kim on Diddy’s 2010 remix to “Hello Good Morning,” on which Nicki raps, “Did I kill a queen?” In November of 2010, Lil’ Kim spoke on her feelings about Nicki during an appearance at Club Pure in Queens—Nicki’s hometown. There, the Queen Bee said, “First of all, I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that bitch with my old shit. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. What the fuck is this bullshit? This shit come and go—are you kidding me?” Nicki later followed up on her comments, calling Kim a sore loser. “You’re going to go down in history now as a sore loser, as opposed to going down in history as the Queen… Don’t play with me,” she said. After that, in 2011, Lil’ Kim dropped her Black Friday mixtape, which included the title track, a diss to Nicki’s Minaj’s song “Roman’s Revenge.” Then, Nicki Minaj went in on Lil’ Kim, releasing the diss track “Tragedy.”

In 2013, Nicki admitted Kim inspires her, but the antics continued. When Nicki named herself the Queen on Beyoncé’s “Flawless (Remix),” Kim recreated the song’s cover artwork, replacing herself with Nicki Minaj. During an appearance on The Breakfast Club in 2014, Kim spoke on Nicki Minaj name-dropping her in the “Flawless (Remix).” “She made the first record towards me,” Kim said. “If you listen to that remix, she been waiting for so long to even say the word ‘Queen Bee’ ‘cause that’s how obsessed she is. C’mon you on a record with Beyoncé. If I had a record with Beyoncé, I’m not sayin’ nothing remotely so this chick think that I’m talkin’ about her.”

In 2018, Kim shut down rumors that she and Nicki were still beefing during an interview with Real 92.3.

French Montana and Young Thug

French Montana and Young Thug went back and forth last year after French claimed he could go toe-to-toe against Kendrick Lamar in a hits battle. Shortly after French boasted about the success of his music and being able to compete against K-Dot, Thugger entered the conversation. First, Thug called French a “stupid ass nigga” on Instagram, while denying that the Bronx rapper can compete with Kendrick. French then replied on IG by posting an alleged image of Young Thug wearing a skirt. The Bronx rapper later thanked the Young Stoner Life Records CEO for wearing a dress in his “No Stylist” video.

Moments later, things intensified on social media. “Aye Thug man, thank you for wearing that skirt for me on “No Stylist.” You heard? Hold the cap. Fuck with you though. But, worry about 21 Savage before me and Kendrick, you heard?” said French. Young Thug fired back with, “French Montana, bitch-ass nigga. Listen, bro. Get out of your feelings. I’m only speaking from an artist standpoint. You do not have nowhere near more hits than Kendrick Lamar, whatsoever.” Initially, Young Thug said he wasn’t going to engage in the feud, but he apparently had a change of heart and called French out for allegedly owning a fake Bugatti, “cheesy ass jewelry” and insinuated that French is broke.

Thugger involved Meek Mill shortly after, claiming Meek has video footage of French Montana getting “knocked out.” French questioned the video and offered $1 million if Thug could actually get his hands on the clip. Whether or not Thug obtained the clip is unknown, but Thugger did drive to a home supposedly owned by French Montana. Thug appears to have done this to support his claims that French doesn’t have as much money as he says he does. “This is the house #AuntieFrench owned once upon a time. Dam thought I had something to do tonight,” Young Thug said in an Instagram video sitting on a car while parked in front of the home. The steam behind this beef must’ve dissipated because we haven’t heard too much about it since it transpired back in April of 2020.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 3

Royce 5’9″ and Yelawolf

Royce 5’9″ and Yelawolf were label mates on Eminem’s Shady Records and friends at a point. However, things went sour between the two and Royce lamented on his 2020 track “Overcomer” featuring Westside Gunn. “Yelawolf this is your first and your last pass/I ain’t gon’ put it on blast, your punk ass know what this about/You think it’s ’bout being loud or tryna be hostile/’Til you get found face down on the ground outside of Kid Rock house/Though you a vulture pundit, I hope you get sober from this/Men lie, women lie, so do numbers,” Royce raps.

During an interview with Real 92.3 last February, Royce said he felt obligated to call out Yelawolf because of things the rapper did within their friendship. “It falls into the category of respect,” he explained. Royce continued, “He did something I felt was disrespectful. There was a window of time where he could have called me to clarify or just say something to me. He didn’t even think he needed to call me—he didn’t even extend me that respect. It was something that happened behind closed doors and he knew I knew about it. I took offense to it, and how I handled it was addressing it on a song. I felt it was the only way I could handle it—for me to air it out publicly would imply I’m using it as a vehicle to push an album or be vindictive. I’m not a vindictive person…I felt the only way to do it was let him know it’s on my radar. I’m aware.”

Royce hasn’t openly stated what sparked his issues with Yelawolf, but the track served as a catalyst for an open conversation between the two because they hadn’t been communicating. However, Yelawolf has since reached out to Royce 5’9″. And although Royce says he has no ill will towards Yelawolf, it’s unclear if they’ve reconciled.

Chances Are This Beef Gets Resolved: 4

Kanye West and Drake

There was a point in 2010 when Drake said that Kanye West was the most influential artist that he’s ever had in his life. However, things changed drastically many years later. In May of 2018, Drizzy was involved in a heated feud with Pusha-T and when the Toronto rapper released the diss track “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake addressed ghostwriter claims against him and said he’d ghostwritten for Kanye. He also called out Kanye’s friendship with Virgil Abloh. Afterwards, Pusha-T dropped “The Story of Adidon,” on which Pusha revealed that Drizzy had a secret son.

That same year, during a conversation on LeBron James’ HBO series The Shop, Drake accused Kanye of telling Pusha about his son, Adonis, whom Drake had yet to reveal to the world. Apparently, Kanye had heard Drake’s song “March 14” prior to it being released and on the track, Drizzy admits to having a son. In September of 2018, an unreleased song by Drake and French Montana surfaced online, on which Drizzy mentioned Kanye’s Yeezy 350 sneakers. “Keeping it G, I told her don’t wear no 350s around me,” he rapped. ’Ye later apologized to Drake for infringing on the release date for Drizzy’s Scorpion album and not speaking with Pusha prior to him dropping “Infrared,” which egged on Push and Drizzy’s feud.

Months later, Kanye shared a screenshot of a text message via Twitter, which revealed that Drake was trying to clear a sample for “Say What’s Real,” which was a remake of Kanye’s “Say You Will.” The sample was cleared, despite ’Ye saying “No.” Kanye posted a number of tweets afterwards, calling out Drizzy. He later said that Drake reached out to him.

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