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Famous Dex was reportedly the victim of a recent robbery where he was held at gunpoint and relieved of valuables and cash.

The Chicago rapper reported the robbery to police in San Fernando Valley, Calif. on Wednesday (March 10), according to a report from TMZ published on Saturday (March 13). Dex told officers he met a friend in SFV to borrow a watch for a video shoot. After acquiring the watch, Dex says he was followed. According to the report, Dex claims multiple men pulled guns on him when he stopped his car and robbed him of the expensive time piece as well as thousands of dollars in cash.null

XXL has reached out to Dex’s team and the San Fernando Valley Police Department for comments on the case.

Dex is bouncing back after a stint in a rehab facility earlier this year and appears to be doing better than before. In late 2020, fans and rappers were expressing concern over Dex’s well being after he posted a series of videos looking very frail and highly intoxicated on Instagram. That came a month after NLE Choppa called out Dex’s label, saying they needed to help the artist who has reportedly been struggling with drug abuse issues for a while.

Dex released his most recent solo project, Diana, last October, which features Rich The Kid, Trippie Redd, Tyga, Wiz Khalifa, Fivio Foreign and others. He followed up with the joint project with Chris King, Snotty Nose Dexter, in December. Dex is currently working on new music.null

See Wildly Expensive Hip-Hop Songs Based on Prices of Luxury Items Mentioned

Randy Shropshire, Getty Images

Nicki Minaj’s “Chun-Li”

“Styled on ’em in this Burberry trench” – Women’s Burberry trench coat: estimated $3,390
“Bentley tints on, Fendi prints on” – Bentley x Estede sunglasses: estimated $45,000
Women’s Fendi bomber: estimated $12,200
“Plates say Chun-Li, drop the Benz off” – Mercedes-Benz A-Class 2018: estimated $72,000
Estimated total: $132,590

Rich Fury, Getty Images

Lil Uzi Vert’s “New Patek”

“New Patek on my wrist”- Patek Phillipe watch: estimated $250,000
“Got cold, had to go get a mink” – Mink coat: estimated $8,995
“Triple S got that extra grip” – Men’s Triple S Balenciaga sneakers: estimated $1,090
“Franck Muller made me proud of my wrist (Wrist)” – Franck Muller watch: estimated $70,000
“Was that a pair of boots from Rick? (Rick)” – Men’s Rick Owens boots: estimated $2,000
“Burberry pants, I got Burberry tennis shoes”- Men’s Burberry pants: estimated $2,690
Men’s Burberry shoes: estimated $990
“MCM, yeah, that shit made out of ostrich, bruh” – Men’s MCM handbag: estimated $1,350
“Saint Laurent on my shoes, these not Vans”- Men’s Saint Laurent shoes: estimated $4,000
Estimated total: $341,115

Kevin Mazur, Getty Images

Migos’ “Versace”

Quavo: “Versace, Versace, I love it, Versace the top of my Audi” – 2014 Audi R8: estimated $119,150
“Shoes and shirt Versace, your bitch want in on my pockets” – Men’s Versace shoes: estimated $1,195
Men’s Versace shirt: estimated $1,395
“She ask me why my drawers silk, I told that bitch Versace” – Versace silk boxers: estimated $575
Takeoff: “You copped the Honda, I copped the Mazi” – 2014 Maserati GranTurismo Sport Coupe 2D: estimated $126,500
“Come in my room, my sheet Versace” – Versace sheets: estimated $995
Offset: “My car is Versace, tiger stripes on my Mazi” – Quattroporte 4dr Sdn Quattroporte GTS: estimated $140,000
Estimated total: $389,810

Scott Dudelson, Getty Images

Roddy Ricch’s “High Fashion” Featuring Mustard

“High fashion like Goyard” – Goyard bag: estimated $3,350
“G-Wagen or the Rover”- 2020 Mercedes-Benz G-Class: estimated $131,000
2020 Land Rover Range Rover: estimated $91,000
“Is it OK if I call you my Prada bae?”- Prada bag: estimated $4,500
“Know you want the shoe with the red on the bottom, bae” – Christian Louboutin red bottom shoes: estimated $6,000
“She want Chane’-ne’, Dio’-o’”- Chanel bag: estimated $8,000
Dior bag: estimated $6,300
“And I keep a Patek, too, ’cause I don’t do facades” – Patek Phillipe watch: estimated $250,000
“Sweater and her sneakers all Kenzo” – Women’s Kenzo sweater: estimated $600
Women’s Kenzo sneakers: estimated $595
Estimated total: $501,345

Patrick McMullan, Getty Images

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Niggas in Paris”

Jay-Z: “Rollies that don’t tick-tock” – Rolex GMT Master II Ice: estimated $485,000
“Audemars that’s losing time”- Audemars Piguet watch: estimated $200,000
“Le Meurice for like six days”- Six-day stay at the Le Meurice in a presidential suite: estimated $5,000
“Gold bottles, scold models Spillin’ Ace on my sick J’s”- Hov’s Bottle of Ace of Spades champagne: estimated $850
Air Jordan 12 “Flu Game” OG: estimated $1,000
Kanye West: “What’s Gucci, my nigga? What’s Louis, my killer?” – Men’s Gucci jacket: estimated $6,300
Men’s Louis Vuitton jacket: estimated $25,300
“What’s drugs, my dealer? What’s that jacket, Margiela?”- Men’s Maison Margiela jacket: estimated $3,480
Estimated total: $726,930

Johnny Louis, Getty Images

Rick Ross’ “Rich Is Gangsta”

“New Presidential had that pavé” – Rolex President pavé watch: estimated $80,000
“Like a G, I gave the Cartier to Wale” – Gold Cartier watch: estimated $55,000
“Then I gave Meek Mill a Range Rover” – 2011 Range Rover Sport HSE: estimated $60,000
“Benz coupe, wood frames, low fade, nigga” – 2015 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe: estimated $119,900
“’Til they seen a Ghost with a temp plate” – 2015 Rolls-Royce Ghost: estimated $300,000
“Death to you fuckboys, on my 4th Bentley” – 2015 Bentley Continental GT: estimated $337,000
Estimated total: $951,900

Joseph Okpako, Getty Images

Young Thug’s “Icey”

“Woah, Demon Hellcat and I’m tearin’ up the streets” – 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat: estimated $74,850
“Woah, I beat the bitch up in Givenchy” – Men’s Givenchy shoes: estimated $995
“Your Louboutin heels, you’re never gon’ wear Nike’s”- Women’s Christian Louboutin pumps: estimated $6,000
“Pourin’ up this Dom P”- Dom Pérignon champagne: estimated $820
“Dropped outta school then pulled up in a Tesla” – 2018 Tesla Model S: estimated $135,000
“Gucci socks, oh, yeah, Fendi watch, oh, yeah” – Men’s Gucci socks: around $350
Men’s Fendi watch: estimated $3,100
“Jimmy Choo heel, it’s her birthday, sendin’ shots, oh, yeah” – Women’s Jimmy Choo pumps: estimated $4,595
“Audemar, oh, yeah, match the buss count, oh, yeah” – Audemars Piguet watch: estimated $200,000
“Richard Mille make ’em pukey, ah-ah-ah” – Richard Mille watch: estimated $600,000
Estimated total: $1,025,710

Bennett Raglin, Getty Images

Lil Baby’s “Heatin Up” Featuring Gunna

Lil Baby: “Got a Moncler coat because the kid the coldest” – Men’s Moncler coat: estimated $5,645
“I might put me an M in some big Girbaud”- Men’s Marithé+François Girbaud pants: estimated $601
“I spent 500 racks on a Lambo”- 2021 Lamborghini Aventador: estimated $500,000
“Shooters follow behind in a Urus” – 2021 Lamborghini Urus: estimated $220,000
“In the Rolls truck, I feel like a tourist” – 2021 Rolls-Royce Cullinan: estimated $355,000
Gunna: “Sky-Dweller, Jubilee, and a Presi’ (No cap)” – Rolex Sky-Dweller watch: estimated $49,450
Rolex Datejust 36: estimated $10,500
Rolex President watch: estimated $33,150
“Hundred-fifty plain Richard Millie (No cap)”- Richard Mille watch: estimated $150,000
Estimated total: $1,324,346

Paras Griffin, Getty Images

Offset and Metro Boomin’s “Ric Flair Drip”

“Going to the jeweler, bust the AP” – Audemars Piguet watch: estimated $200,000
“Hopping in my Bentayga and her seat is a masseuse”- 2018 Bentley Bentayga: estimated $245,000
“Balenciaga, check my posture, Valentino boots (Oho-ooh)” – Men’s Balenciaga boots: around $1,350
Men’s Valentino boots: estimated $1,190
“It’s the Boominati way, a lotta Lambs, a lotta Wraiths (Boominati)” – 2018 Lamborghini Aventador: estimated $460,247
2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith: estimated $330,000
“Bought my first Patek, it got some rain on it (Patek)” – Patek Phillipe watch: estimated $250,000
“Hop in the Bentley coupe and blow the brains out it (Skrrt!)” – 2018 Continental GT Convertible: estimated $328,000
Estimated total: $1,815,787

Prince Williams, Jean Baptiste Lacroix, Johnny Nunez, Getty Images (3)

Travis Scott’s “Yosemite” Featuring Gunna and Nav

Gunna: “Yves Saint Laurent on my pants and my chest” – Men’s Saint Laurent pants: estimated $1,200
Men’s Saint Laurent shirt: estimated $2,700
“Chanel, her dress, clean up her mess” – Women’s Chanel dress: estimated $9,900
“Count up a hun’, cop a Rolex (Checks)” – Rolex watch: estimated $100,000
“Two-tone Patek (Mmm-mmm-mmm)” – Patek Phillipe watch: estimated $250,000
“VVS’s on me, got my Gucci shirt wet” – Men’s Gucci shirt: estimated $4,200
Travis Scott: “With checks in the streets, J number 4’s” – Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott Cactus Jack shoes: estimated $1,080
“Saint Laurent feet, put it on toes”- Men’s Saint Laurent sneakers: estimated $750
“VVS’s on me, got my Louis shirt wet” – Men’s Louis Vuitton shirt: estimated $10,700
Nav: “La Flame on an island, me and Cash, Gunna hopped on a Learjet”- Private mid-sized Learjet: estimated $13,000,000
“Got Pradas every color and I got CC’s you ain’t seen yet” – Men’s Prada shoes: estimated $2,500
Men’s Chanel shoes: estimated $1,700
Estimated total: $13,384,730

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