This Is How Drug Lord Griselda Blanco Was Killed

Notorious Medellín Cartel drug lord Griselda Blanco shaped her legacy with the vicious approach she exerted over the cocaine trade in the 1970s and 1980s. Although she was too cunning pull the trigger on her enemies herself, Blanco had no qualms about ordering the bloody murder of anyone who stood in the way of her wealth and power. In the end, The Miami Herald noted that she met her fate in the same way as the many people she decided had reached the end of their lives — gunned down by a hired assassin at the behest of a rival.

Colombian media claimed that two motorcycle-riding hitmen located Blanco while she was leaving a butcher shop in the Medellin neighborhood of Belen with her pregnant daughter-in-law. Although her relative was unharmed, CNN reported that one of the hitmen shot Blanco twice in the head at close range. The infamous “Black Widow” was allegedly dead by the time law enforcement arrived at the scene. The assassination utilized a technique that Blanco is said to have invented, wrote The Guardian.

Blanco Left A Trail Of Blood During Her Time In The Cartel

Known as the “Godmother of Cocaine,” Blanco was a fixture of the “cocaine cowboys” era that saw the drug proliferate in Miami, with its proceeds funding the city’s real estate boom in the 1970s and ’80s, per The Big Bubble Miami. According The Guardian, she was widowed three times and believed to be responsible for anywhere from 40 to 200 murders throughout her lifetime.

Blanco’s unwavering ruthlessness was well-known. She was suspected of being responsible for the murder of the two-year-old son of one of her former associates. While his father was the target, Blanco was allegedly happy with the child’s death.

According to Blanco’s pregnant daughter-in-law, she was trying to leave her past life behind and succeed in the field of real estate at the time she was killed. But Bruce Bagley, author and head of the University of Miami’s department of international studies, believes that this perception of the heartless killer is dangerous.

“The danger is she will be remembered not for her cold-heartedness and brutality but for being a woman entrepreneur in an emerging field dominated by men,” he told The Guardian.

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