Pooh Shiesty Fans Voice Displeasure With New Song “Switch It Up”

Fans seemingly prefer the unreleased version of the song, which had a different beat.

Memphis rapper Pooh Shiesty released four new songs last night as part of his “Spring Deluxe” edition of Shiesty Season. The reloaded effort includes tracks with Lil BabyG Herbo, and more. Fans were arguably most excited to hear the officially released version of “Switch It Up,” a song that the 1017 representative had previewed a while back with Herb. It’s the first song on the tracklist for Pooh’s new deluxe edition, but fans have been voicing their displeasure after the beat was suddenly switched up.

Given the title of the song, maybe it should be a surprise that Pooh Shiesty and his producers changed the beat but fans are making sure he’s aware that they’re not pleased. “Pooh” is currently a trending topic on Twitter with fans discussing the new deluxe. Many of the comments near the top of the trend are about “Switch It Up” and how everyone wanted to hear it with the original beat.

“Ill be honest switch it up by pooh shiesty sounded better unreleased,” said one fan about the new release. “Can’t believe Pooh Shiesty fumbled switch it up like that this shit is horrendous,” said another fan.

While people are being overly dramatic about the change — the song still bangs, after all — this will likely serve as a lesson to Pooh Shiesty that he should be listening more intently to what his fans want. They’ve been excited about this song for months and now that’s it’s out, they’ve seemingly lost interest.

Did you hear the unreleased version of the song? What do you think of the beat change? Listen to the official release below.

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