Boosie Badazz Responds After Shooting Breaks Out At Music Video Scene

Boosie Badazz Responds After Shooting Breaks Out At Music Video Scene

Fans were worried about Boosie on Saturday after reports surfaced that he was at a music video shoot that fell victim to a shooting.

Boosie Badazz was in the middle of a music video shoot in Huntsville, Alabama this past weekend when all of a sudden, shots rang out in the middle of filming. In the clip which can be found below, the people in the music video immediately begin to duck as they hear the shots go out and it makes for an incredibly scary scene.

Reports immediately began to surface following the shooting and for now, there is conflicting information. Boosie is okay, however, one man was shot and according to TMZ, he is in critical condition. Some outlets have given different updates on the man’s condition although most reports say he is still alive.

After the shooting, fans sent their well wishes to Boosie, all while other blogs tried to wrap their heads around what happened. Boosie wasn’t happy about the speculation on his name and decided to take to Twitter where he cleared up some misconceptions.


According to DJ Akademiks, Boosie was spotted shopping following the incident, which is a sign that he was pretty unfazed by what went down. Just a few months ago, Boosie was shot in Dallas at an Mo3 memorial and since that time, many have been worried for his safety.

We send our prayers to everyone who was affected by the shooting, and we hope Boosie continues to be okay.

Boosie Badazz

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for BET

COMMENTS Harry Sackman– May 30, 2021

I swear mfs wanna smoke this nigga00🙏 Je😇sus 💎– May 30, 2021

We hope Boosie be ok…….df he is ok nobody was shooting at him. He went shopping. Y’all some dumb ass writers02metro boomin’ want s’mores nigga– May 30, 2021

“we hope Boosie continues to be okay.” Funny you would call someone dumb while misreading what was written.102 Jayz– May 30, 2021

Damn everywhere he go or do a shooting happenens. Not saying it’s his fault but damn00TheRealTeflonDon– May 30, 2021

Man he needs to law low for a bit00🙏 Je😇sus 💎– May 30, 2021

How do you law low cuh00og_space_cadet– May 31, 2021

@🙏 Je😇sus 💎 : not do little ass videos with kids that gangbang00Stephen Tharp– May 30, 2021

Alabama, Dallas maybe boosie needs to go up north10Tsunade’s Bra Support– May 30, 2021

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