Jay-Z Recalls Boycotting The Grammys For DMX: “They Didn’t Nominate Him”

Hov spoke about meeting X while Rap battling in the Bronx & he explained how DMX helped him improve his stage performances.

We can only imagine the number of stories that Jay-Z has about DMX, and he shared a few of them during his visit on The Shop. The episode is one of the most coveted of the series thus far, and while Jay dropped plenty of gems and spoke on his life and career, he took some time to speak about memories he shared with the late DMX.

“By the way, the first time I boycotted the Grammys was for him,” said Jay. “We both came out that year. He didn’t get nominated. He dropped two albums, had two No. 1 albums in the same year. They didn’t even nominate him.”View this post on Instagram

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“I won that year for Rap album, so my first Grammy win, I wasn’t there,” he continued. “I wasn’t even in the building because I boycotted it for him. So, there was a competitive thing but it was big love. He was so competitive with me. I never met a human being more competitive with me. Ever. Not even my big brother. No one.”

“We met battling. That’s how we met. We was in the Bronx, in the pool hall. After that battle, he went to like, a show. He got on stage and said, ‘Jay-Z, where you at?!'” Hov recalled as everyone laughed. “I was like, this guy is nuts. He was just all passion.” Then, Jay shared his “fondest memory” of DMX.

“He improved my stage show. Remember, Rap tours weren’t going out at that time. There was no Rap tours. Maybe the Fresh Best in the ’80s, but there were no Rap shows. Me, DMX, Method ManRedman, Ja, The Lox—this tour is packed. First night, 360 sold out. Everyone has a great show. Meth and Red are flying in the audience. Incredible performance, everyone’s destroying it.”

“X is about to go on and I’m like, I wanna see. X is going before me,” said Jay. “The lights are off. He’s in the hallway.” Hov described the atmosphere, explaining that the music began and the “arena’s shaking.” Out of nowhere, DMX’s signature growl is heard as the rapper took to the mic. “And the f*cking arena goes crazy.”

“First of all, it’s deafening, and I’m like, ‘Oh sh*t.'” Check out the clips below and walk down memory lane with Jay-Z and The Shop.https://d-36878786833816679052.ampproject.net/2105150310000/frame.htmlMusicNewsJay-ZDMXThe ShopgrammysVIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE


TOP COMMENT Rich A.– May 29, 2021

DMX is that nigga 💯131StickinUrChick– May 29, 2021

That shit made me smile. Bless the Dog, may he RIP.20Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 29, 2021

Elevate98 is the softest b itch on this site 🤣🤣21Elevate98– May 30, 2021

I call out bitchmade trolls. Get used to it. Put your wife beater back on🤡00Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 30, 2021

@Elevate98 : lol ur shit is mid bruh at least I get the thumbs down i got yall dancing 🤣🤣🤣00Elevate98– May 30, 2021

@Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌ : This loser really laughs at every one of his own troll comments. Get a life son.00Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 30, 2021

@Elevate98 : lmao son ? Try again. I bet my lunch had more protein in it than you 🤣00Elevate98– May 30, 2021

@Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌ : I’m sure you did, they say cum is packed with protein.10Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 30, 2021

@Elevate98 : its mid bro 😴🤡 you say the same thing over and over, plus you are clearly the one with a fixation on the art of wieners in your mouth I mean you never talk about anything else00Elevate98– May 30, 2021

@Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌ : the only “mid” is your attempt to troll. I’ll help your weak music knowledge by telling you to go listen to some Black Thought. Thank me later. Oh and graduate high school too son.00Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 30, 2021

@Elevate98 : lol whats funny is black thought is on my playlist. Anything “The Roots” and Thought Vs Everybody are my main lifting stuff. I feel you dude Black Thought is probly a top 5 all time00Elevate98– May 31, 2021

@Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌ : Well damn you may have some credibility after all. He’s def in my top 5 all time & still currently creating gems.🔊00Bye Warriors bounced by Morant 😂✌– May 31, 2021

@Elevate98 : yeah bro Black Thought is dope. Ive been listening to some Showbiz and AG lately too. But i like some of the youngins too its just a different type vibe brobro00Blaine Edwards– May 29, 2021

DM❌ album was just ok to me, I was expecting to much I rather had swizz produce maybe 2 tracks and over look the rest of the album. I love when dame grease and X work together. I was expecting a (Damien) feat. I was expecting another classic Dark Man X & Faith Evan’s banger. I got so so use to late 90s early 00s Earl Simmons voice that I cant bring my self to enjoy his older mature voice. On that note How’s It Going Down will always be my favorite X song of all time. Rest In Power 🐶12MightyHealthy– May 29, 2021

Stfu Jay, next thing ya kno he’ll be riding X coattails like he did Bigs for 20+ yrs26KeepOnKeepinOnAight– May 29, 2021

Magically comes up with this story now to make himself look good, what else new?58bizzal94– May 29, 2021

DMX didn’t even like that Nigga! This fake love!!55Makaveli The Don– May 29, 2021

@Keep…. Jay has multiple songs with DMX and they toured together, Hov don’t have to make up shit.51bizzal94– May 29, 2021

@Makaveli The Don : Nigga do your research!! When Jay was President of Def Jam he held DMX back! DMX spoke about it!!03Makaveli The Don– May 29, 2021

@bizzal94 : What does that have to do with my comments? Crack is what held DMX back btw.30bizzal94– May 29, 2021

@Makaveli The Don : Look it up before you @ me nigga! DMX beat Jay z in a battle and Jay never liked him since!!03Makaveli The Don– May 29, 2021

@bizzal94 : What does this have to do with my comments again? I didnt say shit to you I was talking to @KeepKeepinOn/Richard unless you’re one of his other accounts lol. Thanks for venting tho.11Young thug & Uzi fans all SUS– May 29, 2021

Lame u don’t know shit @bizzal94 :10zach– May 29, 2021

So disappointed in the album. It wasn’t even mixed smfh! R.I.P X you will be missed02Young thug & Uzi fans all SUS– May 29, 2021

Yeah agree. Horribly mixed10Rich A.– May 29, 2021

DMX is that nigga 💯131Bizarre N “Creepy” Rugged– May 29, 2021

Everybody uses DMX name for publicity and it’s pathetic.612eylboh– May 29, 2021

to show love to his family and for the culture tho21Makaveli The Don– May 29, 2021

@Biz….. Jay recorded music with DMX, was on the same parent label, and toured together. Hov doesn’t have to use anyone’s name for publicity.41Scorpion– May 29, 2021

Love jay i just wish he would’ve reached out more to X while he was here. But they probably had a mild relationship where they was too prideful to say or ask each other for favors153Makaveli The Don– May 29, 2021

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