Willie From The Drive

Rising star Willie From The Drive is a prime example of what
can happen when you give your all to your passion. The Long
Island ,NY native has truly come a long way from just listening
to some of his favorite rap artist at home. As a young man
growing up in Hempstead ,he definitely studied his craft as a
rapper listening to some of his favorites including 2Pac ,Lil
Wayne, Fabolous and 50 Cent. As time went on artist like
Drake & Lil Bibby truly inspired him to finally give the world
their first taste of his music.
Back in 2017 he released his first project ‘Songs I Cried
To‘ under the name BossUp Baby which was just a warm up
for bigger things to come. After making some noise with that
mixtape he then teamed up with producers Ant Chamberlai ,
Ethancx, XTT & RXNEY, Palaze ,Mega Beats ,King Payday
and Prodbytakeoff for his next project. Now under the name
TDB Willie, he dropped his next project ‘Section 8’ in 2019
which was met with rave reviews online as he continued to
make his mark as an independent artist.

Willie From The Drive & enterouge in studio

With heavy buzz around this project 2020 was starting to look
real promising as he continued to promote it, but unfortunately
Covid-19 had other plans for the world. As things shut down
this boss decided to take matters into his own hands and take
advantage of the down time.
The rapper started with his name as he now goes by Willie
From The Drive. Now most would wonder why he decided to
change his name again, but his reason to do so made perfect
sense. The Drive is where he’s from and as an artist he only
wants to be his true self. Now of course he writes all his own
music ,but at some point he felt as if his music only
showcased one side of him as he played things safe to appeal
to a certain audience. Well in 2021 things are clearly different
as he once again hit the studio to team up with producers
Hugo Black, Midas x Hollywood Bangers and Gibbo for what
is set to be his best project to date. As the summer
approaches the world will finally get to hear his new project
‘Till My Casket Drops’ as he takes things up a notch with its
upcoming release on his own label. Yes you read that right,
the artist is also a CEO with his own record label Steemin
Records. Willie From The Drive is clearly ready to take over
the music game and from the looks of it, he’s slowly but surely

Willie From The Drive inside the studio in Brooklyn

Back with new music & visuals for 2021. Willie From The Drive began this year off with a new look & sound. As He teamed up with YHL Shawny on a track called Steemin.

Willie From The Drive × Yhl Shawny

Originally posted on instagram two days before the new year. On December 30, 2020. Both rappers YHL Shawny & Willie From The Drive were in the studio previewing their new record Steemin that was set to be released within the coming of the new year. Then it dropped on January 10, 2021 just in time for the first quarter

Photo: Willie from The Drive in studio in Brooklyn
Steemin ~ Willie From The Drive × YHL Shawny Directed by Qasciats

Steemin is a dope track that was produced by Reel Roy Productions, Straight forward bars over a Drill type of beat that sucks you in as a listener as both emcee’s display the double time flow that influenced many of today’s up and coming artist, but with their own twist.  Director Qasciats,  captured Willie From The Drive & Yhl Shawny & made a movie. One of the best visuals from a group of independent artists i seen since Jay-Z “In My Life Time” video.  After you watch it, I promise you wont be disappointed as these artist gives you a glimpse of their world.

Willie From The Drive, Tim Gzz, and crew!! Bts 9/11 video shoot!!

Steemin reached 26K and counting within the 5 months since it release. Willie From The Drive kept up the same energy as he released a cover for Lil Durk’s Finesse Out The Gang Way ft Lil Baby entitled IDK

Willie From The Drive walked on the tracked with his signature melodic style. Dropping lyrics like

"All those homicides & now my head's hurting
When i saw my mama cry it felt as though this aint working
Made it from the bottom of the slums & still the same person
When we lost my dawg lost anotber one we still lurking

I'm a flex onna first
That reup hurt
Them shorts they hurt
Can't pop no perks
That boy got murked

They charged him number
I'm a hit shmurda
Any time we serve ya

IDK was accompanied with some dope artwork. The creative juices of this rapoer were all on the track. One thing I liked about it was Willie From The Drive talent spoke for itself and let’s us know as fans of hip hop he belongs here.

Keep up the momentum with quality music and strategic marketing Willie From The Drive released a new video along with fellow independent artist Tim Gzz  entitled “9/11” as they take a classic back and forth style and added it to today new sound. This duo traded bars and had that good cop bad cop type of vibe. Definitely seemed like some night and day contrast between these two dope artist.

Make no mistake this duo are not law enforcement as the video starts off with an disclaimer. Goons hijacking a jet. Allowing Tim Gzz & Willie From The Drive to aboard the plane. Machine guns & red bandanas  were waved as this video unfolds into a taste of luxury on a private jet, as these two hungry artist began to talk they $#!+…

9/11~ Willie From the Drive × Tim Gzz prod. by Troublemakerhank dir. by Charles Moss from aabstractthoughtzzphotography

The visuals for 9/11 was refreshingly dope to view along with this catchy song I found myself replaying it over and over again even reciting the lyrics. I enjoyed the video and project a future for these dope emcees.

Left: Willie From The Drive- Right: Tim Gzz Behind the scenes of 9/11 video shoot!!

9/11 dropped June 9th, 2021 and already at 11,566 views in 3 days. As its gaining traction. Willie From The Drive has been appearing on features with multiple artist such as a catchy tune entitled Tik Tok with Lowa016. Which was released April 24, 2021 and is now streaming on all platforms.

Check the spotify link below:

He also appeared on a song that was recently released by 9k for the single Neo. Shot by aabstractthoughtzzphotography. The video takes place at an industrial plant. Dope visuals with that classic warehouse parking lot look that always wins in the eyes of the fans because its simple and gives more focus towards the performance of the artist.

Neo ~ 9k × Willie From The Drive (Official Video) shot by Charles Moss

Released on June 2, 2021 & already reached 27, 583 views. Neo is taken off as well. Two things you can’t deny as a fan of hip hop is good music and great vibes. The energy on every song Willie From the Drive has touch has potential to grow legs. From the Bars to production. This artist completes the total package plus it resonates on camera.

Willie From The Drive is destined to be mentioned with the predecessors before him and give some a run for their money….

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