Al B. Sure Celebrates Recovering after being Given Only 4 Months to Live

(Photo credit: Al B. Sure Instagram)

“I can tell you how I feel about you night and day”

Fans of R&B sensation Al B. Sure know those lyrics like the back of their hand. He’s been making girls swoon since the 80’s and is still doing it now. He is celebrating his 53rd birthday, but just a few months ago, Al B.’s life might have come to a close.

In October 2020, the singer, songwriter, producer and radio host posted a picture of himself on Instagram wearing a medical gown.

“As promised, I’m sharing yet another bit of my #AlBSureMedical journey with you via this image,” he wrote. “I’ve never appreciated something so simple as sitting up in a chair.

“After major surgery and following all protocol there was a very interesting discovery related to my illness outside of just my #Gallbladder and blockage etc,” the Night & Day singer shared. “You’ll really get a kick🦵out of this one but you won’t be surprised. Let’s just say, I’m still here breathing and not like the others.” He also added that he remained free of COVID-19.

(Photo credit: Al B. Sure Instagram)

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“Thank you for the love light and prayers to get me through 2020,” he continued in another post. “I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know. Thank you Dr. Rosenberg for allowing me a few more years here with my loved ones.

“Hearing that I only have 4 to 6 months left if I didn’t fix me was eye-opening and mind-boggling.”

He also threw a little shade at the people in his life who didn’t take time to check in on him.

“On the flip side, I’d like to revisit and sincerely send a very special thank you to anyone #thatiUsedtoknow who didn’t have time or couldn’t be bothered to reach out and see if I was still among the living or might have checked out (NY term for ghost). Including family members,” he wrote. “No worries, it’s always a good time to #SpringClean and shrink my already small circle of individuals to a significantly smaller dot.

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But this isn’t the first time Al had to get serious about his health. Just in the past couple of years he ballooned up to over 300 pounds and had to change his diet and exercise program.

“I can actually tie my own shoes again,” he posted. “There was a time when I needed assistance to do so at 308 lbs. Thank you team for being there through this self journey.”

While Al didn’t go into specifics with what was ailing him now, he did mention blockages around the gallbladder.

A biliary obstruction is a blockage of the bile ducts. The bile ducts carry bile from the liver and gallbladder through the pancreas to the duodenum, which is a part of the small intestine. Bile is a dark-green or yellowish-brown fluid secreted by the liver to digest fats. After you eat, the gallbladder releases bile to help in digestion and fat absorption. Bile also helps clear the liver of waste products.

Obstruction of any of these bile ducts is referred to as a biliary obstruction. Many of the conditions related to biliary obstructions can be treated successfully. However, if the blockage remains untreated for a long time, it can lead to life-threatening diseases of the liver. Which could be a reason that he was only given a few months to live

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