NY gang member sentenced to prison for killing a rival member, feds say

U.S. Attorney’s Office; MEGA

An East Coast leader of the Eight Trey Crips street gang was sentenced to life in prison for the execution-style murder of a rival street gang member.

United States District Judge William F. Kuntz II Larry Pagett, 41, after he had been convicted for murder in aid of racketeering for the killing of Chrispine Philip, also known as Droppa. A jury convicted him after an eight-day trial in October 2018.

He was sentenced late last month.

Over the years, both the Eight Trey street gang and the Folk Nation street gangs had battled for territorial dominance around the Flatbush Gardens housing complex in Brooklyn, New York.

On Aug. 28, 2015, Pagett crossed paths with Phillip at the Buda Hookah Lounge located at 589 Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. Soon, a fight followed based on Pagett’s suspicion of Phillip’s involvement in the murder of another Eight Trey Crips gang member in Trinidad a couple of months earlier.

Then, Pagett pulled out a gun and shot Phillip multiple times, sending club patrons scrambling for safety amidst the mayhem. Phillips managed to pull himself up and staggered outside.

Pagett ended Philip’s life with a final shot to the back of his head. A bystander was also shot in the stomach and arm, but survived the ordeal.

The entire incident was recorded on a video surveillance camera in the club.

According to the U.S. Justice Department, the case was spearheaded by Project Safe Neighborhoods. The program was designed to bring all law enforcement agencies to reduce violent crimes within the community they serve.

“Larry Pagett will deservedly spend the rest of his life behind bars for brazenly committing an execution-style, gang-related murder inside a lounge in Brooklyn. This office will continue working tirelessly with our law enforcement partners to eradicate the murderous violence of street gangs like the Eight Trey Crips and end their wanton disregard for human life,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Jacquelyn Kasulis in announcing the sentence.

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