Verzuz is incredibly popular as hip-hop greats battle it out for lyrical supremacy. Nothing like that exists for standup comedy, but Damon Wayans already someone in mind to challenge, because he’s prepared to call out Dave Chappelle.

Wayans recently spoke to KXX 97.9 The Box for a bit when the legendary entertainer was asked about a possible Vezuz-like environment for comedy. It didn’t take him very long to come up with an opponent that would make the outing a huge draw for million.

“Chappelle, I’m calling him out!” Wayans said in definitive fashion. We’ll have to see if they can make that happen.

Wayans’ choice to battle Chappelle was universally supported by the crew on The Box. Obviously, fans would flock to their streaming devices to take in that battle as well.

No Verzuz version of standup comedy exists right now, but watching two comedians battle joke-for-joke might be an incredibly interesting venture. Of course, those jokes might have to be a bit shorter and not long-form to fit the criteria. Either way, Wayans and Chappelle are both seasoned veterans in the standup comedy game, so they probably have plenty of punchlines in their back pockets.

What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

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