Montana Love Almost Knocks Out Ivan Baranchyk After the Bell on Jake Paul’s Undercard

The super-lightweight collision between Ivan Baranchyk and Montana Love stood tall to the buzz created around it. The pair came out with the skill sets of their lives to keep each other and the fans on their toes. However, in the end, it was Montana Love who came out right on top to claim a gratifying RTD win.

As the fight began, both the technicians employed their jabs to check on the distance between them. Love kept swift movements, whereas Baranchyk looked to land his best shots in the initial minutes of the fight itself. The latter seemed frustrated as he couldn’t connect his best hits. But ‘Too Pretty’ kept his composure.

As the tussle progressed, Love got comfortable, and he opened up a bit to land his solid straight lefts. Both the boxers utilized the ring space extensively, and they kept going out of each other’s radar.

Love even struck his fellow adversary with some of his solid left hooks, which left Baranchyk astonished. ‘The Beast’ looked to press Love on the corners but he didn’t find any success in the same. But Baranchyk counter-attacked exuberantly well and in round 3 he was on the brink of knocking out Love.

‘Too Pretty’ even punched his rival after the gong and the referee separated the two men from getting into a brawl.

Montana Love came out with a few combinations to batter Baranchyk. And he got his fair and share of success with the same.

Montana Love defeats Ivan Baranchyk via RTD

‘The Beast’ began following Love, and he went toe to toe with him in later rounds. The fight between these two only got better as the pair exchanged some slick blows with each other.

Love had majority control of the fight, but Baranchyk too came out on top with some fiery blows.

Montana Love even caught Baranchyk with a slick left hand in round 7, but the latter gained a vertical base somehow. However, he couldn’t continue further, and ‘Love’ won this fight with an RTD.

What do you make of Love’s high-class performance?

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