BUSTIN’ MELONZ, paying homage to the legendary 27 years after their debut release.

Bustin Melonz, Squeechie Automatic, Freddie Dee, Tiquan & Dj Kaze were a Hip Hop quartet from out of Flatbush, Brooklyn.

Following the footsteps of fellow MC’s such  as Jimmy Spicer,  Velore & Double 0, 2 Unthordox, UTFO,Special Ed, Krs One, The Cella Dwellas, Bush Babies , Fu-shnickens, Masta Ace, Father MC, Audio Two, MC lyte. Lords of flatbush & Criminal Empire

Group member Squeechie Automatic was once apart of another hip hop group who went by the name The Bushawackas, but moved away for a lil while and formed a group with long time school mates Freddie D & Tiquan

It started from a  performance a a Brooklyn Nightclub called The Ark. The love they recieved encouraged them to start their own group and they began to be known as Bustin’ Melonz.

In the height of getting their big break group member Tiquan was caught up in a unavoidable situation that caused him to get sent away for a very long time. Leaving Freddie D & Squeechie Automatic to keep the fire burning (musically).

Heres a EPK clip of the remaining members of the Bustin’ Melonz


Bustin’ Melon’z members Freddie Dee, & Squeechie Automatic drooped their debut “Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out”

Bustin’ Melonz Album cover Watch ya seeds pop out

Watch Ya Seeds Pop Out was released August 16, 1994 by Nuff Nuff/ Continuum Records with 11 dope tracks of classic 90′ Hip Hop!

Now back together after 27 years it was a pleasure to see some of my hometown hero’s pop up on my time line within I’m From Flatbush Group on Facebook. The memories of the golden era of hip hop began

Freddie Dee, Tiquan, & Squeechie Automatic 2021

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