Russell Westbrook’s Dress Has Fans Predicting Boosie’s Reaction

Russell Westbrook made waves by wearing a dress at New York Fashion Week.

Russell Westbrook will be playing with the Los Angeles Lakers this season and fans cannot wait to see what he is going to do out on the court. He is still looking for that first championship and there is no doubt that this team gives him his absolute best shot at glory. With the season just a month away, fans are looking forward to seeing him in that purple and gold jersey, however, last night, Westbrook made waves for another fashion choice.

While taking part in a shoot for New York Fashion Week, Westbrook decided to don a long white skirt and he posed in it without a fear in the world of what people might say. Men in skirts have been a hot topic of debate as of late especially with Kid Cudi and Harry Styles wearing similar garments.

Regardless, Westbrook wore his skirt with pride and many fans noted that he looked pretty good. On the flip side of that, the conspiracy theories and homophobia jumped out as some claimed that Westbrook was lost, confused, and compromised. On Twitter, a large swarm of fans condemned these homophobic opinions and even shifted focus to Boosie, who has been a harsh critic of anything that doesn’t fit the definition of hyper-masculinity.

Fans are already anticipating a hysterical response from the artist and this anticipation led to some pretty hilarious memes on social media. After all, Boosie has shown time and time again that he doesn’t mind commenting on this stuff, especially as it pertains to Lil Nas X. Now that it is a professional athlete donning a dress, it will be interesting to see what kind of energy Boosie has for it.

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