St. Lunatics’ Ali Claims He’s Nelly’s Ghostwriter: ‘My Career Was Writing You A Career’

Dilemma’ rapper Nelly has had just that on his hands with former friend/St. Lunatic groupmate, Ali.

The two made headlines in the past for a dispute stemming from Ali’s belief that Nelly (born Cornell Haynes Jr.) ‘hustled the group’ out of airtime and finances in their heyday, an accusation the latter vehemently denied.

And while some thought the beef between Ali and the ‘Hot in Herre’ hitmaker had cooled, the former – after clocking what he perceived as a subliminal diss – took to Instagram Monday (October 11) to lay out even more allegations against Haynes, including claims he acted as the star’s ghostwriter for his now Diamond-certified debut album, ‘Country Grammar.’

Nelly may be celebrating over 20 years of success in the business, a feat recently crowned with an Icon honor at the 2021 BET Hip Hop Awards (as we reported here).  According to Ali, however, some of that success is due to an unrecognized few – himself included.

As seen in the post above, the ‘Breathe In, Breathe Out’ rapper responded to a post Nelly previously uploaded that read:

“In a career you have ups & downs but some people never have ups because they never had a career, they were just apart of someone else…”

While Nelly didn’t call Ali by name, that didn’t stop the latter from saying:

“Well, here is some entertainment to help you through your Monday blues….. Lastnight Nelly sent one of his subliminal disses towards me and my career….. The Truth is .. Nelly = 🗣 … Ali =✍🏾
I wrote it & he said it and we sold 10,000,000💎… Go to his page ….. do you notice that he hasn’t said ANYTHING about that country album !!?? Well I’ll tell you why …13,000 !!!! Wow , that’s how many copies of that album he sold !!  !! 🤦🏽‍♂️, “MY” career was writing you a career. Smh🤨… to be continued (it’s all the most grand illusion ever pulled , and it’s all unraveling RIGHT NOW… and he’s mentally suffering trying to hide the secrets)…. now let me get ready to drop wisdom off at school !! Peace & enjoy your day!!”

Ouch! As of time reported, Nelly has not responded to the allegation.

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