Soulja Boy Responds to Goons in Houston Stealing Plaque From Studio

Recently, goons in Houston who go by 4KT revealed they took a plaque of Soulja Boy following comments the rapper made about NBA Youngboy. Via Twitter, Soulja Boy went on to say, “I don’t like NBA Youngboy no more, blame it on his fans.” Along with that, Soulja went on to say Youngboy fell off, saying, “YB need to make better music. All that crying and whining on the track. Nobody wanna hear that s**t.”

Since the video surfaced of 4KT with Soulja’s plaque, Big Draco has responded. In the original video, the men taunted Soulja Boy, telling him to come and get his plaque back. Via Akademiks’ Instagram page, Soulja responded by saying, “😂😂😂😂  u can find them at ur local studio. Step harder 😂😂😂😂😂.” Take a look above.

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