20-year-old man allegedly shot and killed his mother at a bus stop in Florida

Miami-Dade Department of Corrections, Unsplash

A man has been arrested after he allegedly shot and killed his mother at a bus stop.

Andrew Eloissaint, 20, was arrested on Oct. 19 on a first-degree murder charge, according to Local 10.

Police officers responded to a bus stop in the 200 block of Southwest 344th Street in Florida City, Florida, around 4:20 a.m. after receiving reports of a woman being shot, Local 10 reported.

Officers arrived at the scene to find a Black woman in her 40s suffering from apparent gunshot wounds, according to Local 10. Family members identified the victim as Loretha Bruno, and she was pronounced dead at the scene, Local 10 reported.

Her family says Bruno was headed to work in the Florida Keys and that Eloissaint is her son, according to Local 10.

“She came from Haiti,” Bruno’s cousin, Guddeursse Gaspard, told Local 10. “She’s a hard worker, she loves her kids so much. She worked for those kids and it’s devastating.”

According to Eloissaint’s arrest report, he had gotten into an argument with his mother about a week ago over money, Local 10 reported.

Family members told Local 10 they had been trying to get him to see someone to help his mental health but to no avail.

Eloissaint was ordered held without bond, Local 10 reported. He has also been ordered to have no contact with another victim who was present at the time of the shooting, according to Local 10.

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