The Game Vents About Not Getting Credit for ‘Putting on Your Favorite West Coast Artists’

The Game took to Twitter early Monday morning to vent about not getting enough credit from the industry for putting on many of the biggest West Coast artists.

“I never got my flowers from the industry cause wouldn’t be a puppet for the dollar bill,” he wrote in a series of tweets. “You know how many of your favorite WEST COAST artists I hand a hand in puttin on ??? Just being a good n****a…. Was offered finders fees, could’ve signed n***as….. etc, I just wanted to see n***as from my side win.”

He added, “Ask Dr. Dre…. Ask Top Dawg, ask n***as… I been solid for n***as since 2003 in this shit. The definition of ‘GOOD LOOKIN’.”

Game’s rant arrives just a month after he was accused of scamming artists by promising them placements on his mixtapes but just taking their money instead.

In response, the Compton rapper tweeted: “Please stop wit the fake news. I ain’t never scammed nobody in my life out of nothing !!!! If you want sumn to post, holla at me n I’ll do sumn to help y’all weird ass blog out.”

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