Ex-NFL star Pacman Jones sentenced to jail

Adam “Pacman” Jones. (Image source: Instagram – @realpacmanjones24)

Former NFL All-Pro Adam “Pacman” Jones has been sentenced to jail again after initiating a brawl inside the OTR Clutch establishment in Cincinnati on Feb. 15, 2021.

According to the local law enforcement incident report obtained by TMZ, Jones, a former superstar defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys and Cincinnati Bengals, played a large part in a fight at OTR where he allegedly knocked out a bouncer.

The fight involved multiple people and, according to the surveillance tapes, barstools and punches are seen flying throughout the establishment. Despite the fact that Jones claimed that he was acting in self-defense — saying that he “did what I needed to do” — he was clocked with two misdemeanor assault charges by authorities. 

Jones ended up pleading no contest to the two charges and was sentenced by the judge to 180 days in jail. The judge suspended 150 days, therefore Jones will only spend a month in jail pending good behavior.

He is also sentenced to nine months probation, a 9 p.m. curfew and abstinence from alcohol during this time period.

The Atlanta native was probably given jail time due to an episode back in 2019 where he cheated at an Indiana casino, then went ballistic on officials when he was confronted. Jones was ordered to spend 10 days behind bars and give up booze for 18 months.

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