Redrum, Gangsta Rap Pioneer & Co-Creator of ‘Bangin On Wax,’ Passes Away

West Coast gangsta rap pioneer O.Y.G Redrum 781 recently passed away after a battle with bone cancer.

Born Jermaine Carter, Redrum was a Piru gang member well-known for co-creating the collaborative project between the Bloods and the Crips called Bangin On Wax. Released in 1993, the album played a notable role in easing tensions between the Bloods and Crips during the early 1990s.

Redrum was also the cousin of another West Coast legend, Kurupt, and collaborated with 2Pac after he signed to Death Row Records. This past July, Redrum took to Instagram to speak on his cancer diagnosis and seemed at peace with his life.

“As i lay in this bed and prepare for this long fight ahead of me i am geared up with the knowledge that i AM LOVED and i LOVE YALL BACK,” he wrote. “[I] am strapped with the understanding of my position in this life , i am laced with embracement of family and friends from ALL nationalities , i am comforted by the forgiveness of my transgressions ….. NOBODY is perfect but i KNOW the CREATOR is proud and pleased with the person i AM !!!!!!! ALL of these things give me strength !!!!!!!”

Redrum’s funeral service is scheduled for Nov. 27.

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