REVEALED Mike Tyson had one fight in prison where inmates didn’t fear him like boxers did and was once visited by rap superstar Tupac Shakur

As one of the best ever to step in a boxing ring, Mike Tyson has experienced every high possible inside the ropes.

In November 1986, when he was just 20 years old, he became the youngest heavyweight champion of the world when he destroyed Trevor Berbick – and it wasn’t long before he had his hands on the undisputed crown

Tyson knocked out Berbick to become the youngest heavyweight champion in history,
Tyson was sentenced to six years in prison in 1992, eventually getting released three years later

There is no getting away, though, from the fact his career and life has been littered with controversies and incidents he would rather forget.

His trophy room may be littered with gold, but Tyson battled several demons outside of the ring.

In 1992 was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison for rape, earning himself early release in 1995.

‘Iron Mike’ has largely remained quiet on his stint behind bars, but in an interview last year, told rapper Fat Joe he kept himself to himself

He said: “I treated anybody the way I wanted them to treat me. And that’s just how it was. They weren’t scared of me. It all came down to respect.”

However, despite largely staying out of trouble, the hard-hitting former heavyweight champion of the world admitted he did have one fight inside the Indiana Youth Center.

Tyson’s world came crashing down on him in 1992 when he was sent to prison

“Just one time [I had to punch someone],” he later revealed on ‘Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson‘. “Somebody said something and I just went over there and hit him.

“We were locked down for a long time and it was just something that was irritable and I went over there and hit him. We were locked down and couldn’t go to the gym.

“Somebody got stabbed or something and we were locked down. I was just upset and miserable.”

During his three-year stay, Tyson converted to Islam and began to work on himself as a person.

Despite his rehabilitation, the celebrity status he had earned earlier on in his career remained and he was visited by musician Tupac Shakur while behind bars.

Tyson revealed on the ExpediTIously podcast: “The guards didn’t like him, the inmates got rowdy and pumped up when he came which is a safety concern. He was a bolt of energy there.

“When he came in everybody knew him, he had mad respect. That’s how he lived his life, he had mad respect.”

Tyson was eventually released and set about reclaiming the titles he once proudly held, but his aura had largely gone. He brushed aside the challenge of Peter McNeeley in his first fight back, but then lost to fellow Hall of Famers, Evander Holyfield – twice – and Lennox Lewis before retiring in 2005.


Close friend Tupac Shakur visited Mike Tyson during his time in prison

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