‘SNL’: Pete Davidson Sings About Staten Island With Method Man, Marc Cohn & Big Wet

Pete Davidson brought the latest episode of Saturday Night Live back to his hometown of Staten Island with the help of Marc Cohn, Method Man and Big Wet.

Davidson, who previously teamed with Big Wet for the sketch show’s Squid Game parody number, donned “I ❤ Staten Island” hoodies and mused about Staten Island’s various characteristics, from the number of pizza restaurants and bagel shops to trash dumps.

The musical number, which parodied Marc Cohn’s “Walking In Memphis,” also featured the original song and Cohn, who was initially reluctant to join the parody number. The sketch then sees Cohn join Davidson and Big Wet also donning a similar hoodie.

They continue to sing about Staten Island’s unique attractions including the turkeys that roam around a local hospital.

Davidson, now with the rest of his musical guests, mused about the the various local personalities, ranging from Chris the Hobby Guy to Staten Island’s own Method Man, who also joins the party. After they finish their number they come together on the Staten Island ferry.

“Wow look at the ocean, imagine if we could actually swim in it,” Davidson says, before seeing a dead body in the water.

Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings actor Simu Liu made his Saturday Night Live debut as host and Saweetie served as musical guest.

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