HoneyKomb Brazy Fears For His Life In Alabama Prison

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy fears that he might be killed in prison.

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy has had a horrendous year thus far following the death of his grandparents. After somebody shot at their home in a separate incident earlier this year, the rapper’s grandmother and grandfather were both killed when their house was set on fire in February. A few months later, Brazy’s mother took to social media to claim that her home kept being shot up after her parents’ murder. His trying year got even worse this summer when it was revealed that Brazy violated his probation, which prompted the judge to send him back to prison for the remainder of his sentence, which is an additional thirteen years

Brazy is currently at Limestone Correctional Facility in Alabama and the rapper spoke out on Wednesday to tell his fans that he’s fearful for his life and believes that he might get killed while behind bars.

“I’m at limestone correctional facility, I been here 9 day and they shook me down 5 times already,” he wrote. “This a racist camp and the polices been calling me out my name and calling me all types of n***as. I’m in lockup right now with no disciplinary write up or no explanation. I ain’t really complaining about my situation, but I do wanna bring awareness to my family and fans on what’s going on. They woke me up at 2am this morning and strip searched me and through [sic] me in the lockup cell with no mat, blanket, or nothing and made me sleep on the floor. I said that to let everybody know I ain’t finna keep going for this shit. I been laid back trying to make it home to my family and see this bigger picture but I still got my grandma and grandpa and all type of other shit on my mind. I ain’t finna keep going for this shit no more, they probably gon run in here when they see this post and jump on me. They might kill me or I might make it out but I ain’t going for it no more so I’m just letting everybody know.”

Via HoneyKomb Brazy

It’s been a truly awful year for HoneyKomb Brazy, and his situation just seems to keep on getting worse. He’s been getting lots of support on this post, including from rapper Yung Bleu, who commented, “I’m fenna find out we’re u at brother fenna have my lawyer follow up ASAP.”

What do you think about his post?

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