Michael Blackson Boasts ‘Happiest Day Of My Life’ After Becoming U.S. CitizenThe comedian lived in Africa until he was 13.

Michael Blackson was sworn in as an United States citizen on Wednesday (Nov. 24) and the comedian is calling it the “happiest day of my life.”

According to TMZ, Blackson, 48, was born and raised in Africa until he moved to New Jersey with his parents at the age of 13.

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“America has been nothing but a blessing to me,” Blackson stated. “I’m happy to be a citizen. Everybody that comes to America, they come here for the American dream and I really am living the American dream. I can’t complain. If I would’ve lived in any other country, I wouldn’t be right here talking to you. America made me who I am, so I have to give a big shout out to this great country of the United States.

Blackson began his comedy career by performing at small Philly clubs in 1992. One of his biggest breakthroughs came by way of Ice Cube, who gave Blackson a role in the popular movie, Next Friday.

“What’s better than a green card?” Blackson rhetorically said to the TMZ crew. “A citizenship. It’s a privilege to become an American. Because America is full of opportunity. You been an American, you have the whole power in your hand to become whatever you want. You can become the president… I can’t run for president, because I’m not a born-American. I will call Arnold Schwarzenegger and find out what it takes to be a governor. I can do everything but become a president.”

In an October interview with the Philadelphia Tribune, Blackson stated, ““I love doing stand-up even more. I know I’ll never give it up. I really enjoy making people laugh.” At one point, Blackson took a job delivering pizza to save up money. One of his co-workers convinced him to try out at a local club, sparking his journey to his American dream

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