Fetty Wap Drops Video for New Song “First Day Out” Following Release From Jail

Fetty Wap celebrated his recent release from jail Monday by dropping a music video for his new song “First Day Out.”

The track arrives just a month after Fetty was arrested ahead of his performance at Rolling Loud in New York, for his alleged connection with a nationwide drug trafficking ring that was based in Long Island. The New Jersey rapper and five others were charged with “conspiracy to distribute and possess controlled substances, including cocaine, fentanyl and heroin,” according to an indictment.

Fetty was released on $500,000 bond earlier this month, after pleading not guilty to the federal drug charges.

Fetty recently sat down for an extensive interview with Fat Joe and opened up about his career slump following the success of his breakthrough track, “Trap Queen.”

When asked by Joe what happened to his music career after he had one of the hottest songs in the country, Fetty said, “The people I had around me wasn’t experienced. Nobody was experienced, honestly.” 

The 30-year-old rapper continued, “What happened, it was just like, in the process… I’m tryin’ to figure out why this goin’ on, why this goin’ on, and then you know, the finance part, like yo, what’s up with this, what’s up with that. I felt like I had to do everything myself. For the tours, I put up all the bread for the tours. I paid for all the tour buses. Everything came out of my expenses. It was like, I gotta pay y’all but I’m paying for everything else.”

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