NYC correction officers ordered to work 12-hour shifts

NEW YORK – New York City correction officers have been ordered to start working 12-hour shifts due to ‘excessive staff absenteeism.’ This, as a December 1 vaccine mandate deadline is looming for those officers. 

The President of the Correction Officers Benevolent Association says the order is “reckless and misguided.”

As for the vaccinations, the most recent numbers show the department has a 76% vaccination rate. It’s among the lowest of all city agencies and departments. 

Firefighters and the NYPD are at 91% vaccinated. 

City Council member Mark Levine says the number of correction officers vaccinated is rising and expects it to continue as the clock ticks down to the mandated vaccination deadline Tuesday. 

“It’s urgent that all the staff get vaccinated,” said City Council Member Mark Levine.

This, as several lawmakers toured Rikers Island again, a few months after a similar visit revealed filthy and other troubling conditions.  Lawmakers say the intake center operation improved, but inmates are still not being processed fast enough through the court system. 

Department of Correction employees who do not show proof of vaccination on Wednesday will be placed on leave without pay and must surrender their firearms and shields.

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