Conservative Christian Actress Meagan Good Goes Viral Over ‘B**TY Eating’ Scene In New TV Show!

Actress Meagan Good, who is known to be a conservative Christian, is now going viral for her latest role in the Harlem TV Show, where there’s a scene where she’s eating b**y.

Currently, there’s a lot of talk about diversity in every TV show, and I’m all for it. But there are straight actors shamed for playing LGBTQ+ roles, and the community seems to only star in those roles.

Prime Video

The show has a “mature” label though.

There are a lot of good reviews for Prime Video’s new show, Harlem, and it’s either love or hate it. There are quite a lot of explicit scenes in it, and not everyone is there for it.

Take Meagan Good, who is a conservative Christian, and now she’s starring in Harlem, Prime Video’s latest TV show. And that proves her skills as an actress, as she’s going viral for THAT b**ty eating.

Prime Video

But isn’t that what acting is all about?

So, naturally, there are a lot of Karens complaining about Meagan Good’s scene, where she’s in bed with a man who asks her to eat his b*tt. Although she’s conservative, she’s acting, and the show seems to thrill a lot of people. So where’s the harm?

Have you watched it?

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