‘Diff’rent Strokes’ Live: Snoop Dogg Makes Surprise Appearance, and Fans Can’t Get Over It

The Live in Front of a Studio Audience re-creation of the iconic sitcom Diff’rent Strokes that aired on Tuesday, Dec. 7 is garnering a lot of attention, mainly due to Snoop Dogg’s role. The second-half of the episode kicked off with a special appearance from Todd Bridges. Bridges played Willis during the eight-season sitcom and is sadly the show’s only surviving original cast member. During his act, Bridges shared fond memories about first walking through the doors of the Drummond Park Avenue apartment when the series premiered in 1978. He also spoke of the impact the show had on his life. And while fans were happy to see Bridges, it was the unexpected guests that received the most reactions.

Shawn Stockman and Wanya Morris of the R&B supergroup Boyz II Men performed the show’s iconic theme song. The song was originally written and performed by Growing Pains star Alan Thicke and his wife Gloria Loring.

The biggest shocker was hip hop icon Snoop Dogg starring as Willis’ friend Vernon They re-created Season 1, Episode 17, “Willis’ Privacy.” The episode explores Willis’ desire for privacy and a fight between him and Arnold (Kevin Hart).

It’s safe to say from viewer reactions that the Long Beach, California, rapper’s appearance was the most surprising. But, he didn’t fail to entertain. 

What would a project with Snoop featured be without the mention of weed? The rapper is an advocate for legalizing marijuana and has been throughout his career.

Snoop’s performance fared well with viewers. Many felt he had good comedic timing.

This viewer didn’t have too many words. They simply loved Snoop’s performance.

One Twitter user sat in anticipation of Snoop dropping an obscenity. He was impressed by Snoop’s performance.

One Twitter user couldn’t help but curse at the appearance. Snoop definitely put a smile on their face.

Viewers didn’t have many words when Snoop popped on the screen. But they also weren’t upset with him being part of the production.

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