Florida teen arrested over alleged plans to shoot up his university

Florida teen arrested over alleged plans to shoot up his university

A Florida university student has been arrested after allegedly boasting on social media about his plans to shoot up his campus with a folding gun he was going to stash in his backpack.

John Hagins, 19, was taken into custody on Thursday at his apartment near the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University campus in Daytona Beach.

He had allegedly planned to carry out the mass shooting later that day on what was the final day of classes before winter break.

Police said they were able to foil Hagins’ plan after several classmates alerted campus security to his threatening social media messages.

In the messages, Hagins had allegedly laid out his plans to smuggle the folding gun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition to the university in his backpack.

The gun, ammunition and backpack were all found inside Hagins’ apartment when he was arrested, cops said.

Hagins is believed to have sold his car to purchase the gun and ammunition.

It wasn’t immediately clear how long Hagins had been hatching his alleged plan.

Investigators are still trying to pin down a motive for the shooting plot, but said the teen was in danger of failing classes and had received a traffic violation on campus on Wednesday.

Hagins has been charged with written threats to injure or kill, terrorism and attempted first-degree homicide.

He is being held without bond at the Volusia County Jail.

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