Stevie J Kicked Off Delta Flight After Friend Brought on Outside Drink

Recently, Stevie J tried to take a trip to Atlanta but was ultimately stopped after a friend he was flying tried to take his alcoholic drink on the flight. While at LAX, Stevie J and his friend were taken off a Delta flight and greeted by police.

Reports noted the man with Stevie J bought an alcoholic drink in the terminal while waiting to get on the flight and tried to take it on the flight. However, he was instructed by Delta employees not to bring the drink on board. However, the man did it anyway and was told by Delta workers to get off the flight. Take a look above.

12:57 PM PT — Stevie tells TMZ … the reason he and his son, Stevie II, were removed is due in part to the fact they didn’t follow a Delta staffer’s instructions on the drop of a dime — which he thinks led to them blowing the situation out of proportion.

He says he and his son were drinking beverages prior to boarding and were told they’d have to chuck ’em before getting on. Steve says they did that, but not before finishing the drinks … something that apparently pissed of the gate agent, whom Stevie says then made a big fuss.

He insists no drink was brought onboard, and that they did as they were told to do — and yet, they were treated quite poorly. Stevie says he thinks there was a racial component to the confrontation, and he’s going to follow up with his attorneys. We’re told he wasn’t banned from flying Delta, and that no arrests were made. They simply booked another flight and made it to their destination — Atlanta, for his daughter’s bday — without further issue.

Stevie J’s trip to Atlanta was derailed this week, all because a buddy he was flying with wanted to take his boozy beverage to go — a big enough no-no to get ’em booted.

The producer was escorted off of a Delta flight Friday at LAX, where it looks like cops were on hand to greet both Stevie and another passenger he appeared to be traveling alongside … and we finally learned what the heck caused the whole ruckus.

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