Jay-Z’s $6 Million Patek Watch Has The Internet Buzzing: See The Rare Piece

Jay-Z isn’t just businessman, he’s a business, man.

The Roc Nation CEO isn’t usually one to rock a bunch of expensive jewelry, so when he does, it’s usually more expensive and luxurious than some minds can fathom. On Wednesday, Hov gave the ultimate watch flex, rocking a Tiffany-blue Patek Philippe Nautilus that typically costs a whopping $6.5 million. However, since Jay is an official ambassador of Tiffany & Co, he most likely didn’t have to do much to get his hands on the rare piece.

The multi-Grammy Award winning star showed off his blue Patek as he attended the Hollywood premiere of The Harder They Fall, in which he acts as the executive producer. Hov’s watch flex comes just one week after Patek Philippe shocked watch collectors, explaining that, although they still planned to discontinue production of its ultra-coveted Nautilus 5711, they would release one final version of the piece. According to GQ’s Cam Wolf, when it comes to the world of watch collecting, “there is no greater treasure than a Patek Philippe kissed with an official stamp from legendary jeweler Tiffany & Co.”

Jay’s light flexing doesn’t stop him from continuing his legacy in uplifting the community via his works. During a Q&A session at the premiere of the Higher They Fall, the music mogul spoke about the importance of the film’s all-Black cast, sharing:

“The fact that we could tell stories of people that really existed and bring their story to life. It’s not a documentary — it’s a fantasy, but the names of people existed, and that cherry on top for us is super prideful.”

Catch The Harder They Fall, streaming on Netflix now

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