New Interview Alleges Wu-Tang Member Was Secretly Dating Aaliyah [VIDEO]

Raekwon dropped a dating bombshell decades in the making

August 25th of this year made exactly 20 years since the untimely passing of R&B superstar Aaliyah, but still, two decades later her impact on the culture remains.

So much so, that in addition to excitement over the recent re-release of her music across streaming platforms via partnership with Blackground Records 2.0 and EMPIRE, the stories of her 22 years on earth have kept the public interest long after her death.

During a sit down with VladTV, Wu-Tang member Chef Raekwon dropped a bombshell on the world, revealing that fellow Wu member Ghostface Killah had a brief relationship with the singer.

“Yeah he broke my heart with that,” Raekwon says about learning of Ghost’s time with Aaliyah. “Rest in peace, Aaliyah. [She’s] beautiful, you know? Ghost had bagged her, you know what I’m saying? I remember we had a mansion in LA… I used to talk to Ghost a lot, like, ‘Yo you bagged that? Bring her to the lab, bring some friends over,’ or whatever the case may be.”

Rae’s revelation comes as he promotes From Staircase to Stage: The Story of Raekwon and the Wu-Tang Clan, his book detailing his career as part of one of rap’s most legendary groups.

Rae continued on, saying that one day he awoke to find Ghost and Aaliyah asleep in a chair. According to Raekwon, Ghost respected the late singer and had genuine feelings for her.

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