Rapper Foogiano charged after 2 people shot dead when a gang sign was shown on stage as Gucci Mane also named in lawsuit

RAPPER Foogiano has been charged with possessing a firearm as a felon, months after he and Gucci Mane were initially hit with a wrongful death lawsuit for their connection to a nightclub shooting in 2020 that killed two.

Foogiano, real name Kwame Khalil Brown, faces two counts of knowingly possessing a firearm and ammunition as a felon.

Foogiano has been hit with two counts of knowingly possessing a firearm as a felon
He was onstage when a shooting broke out at Lavish Lounge nightclub

He was indicted in US District Court on Friday, and court documents unsealed on Monday reveal the federal warrant for Foogiano’s arrest, signed in November.

Court documents allege the rapper knowingly possessed a Glock 40-caliber pistol and ammunition despite a prior felony.

Foogiano is one of several parties listed as a defendant in the wrongful death lawsuit of Mykala Bell, who was 23 when she was shot and killed at Lavish Lounge during a music show last year.

The club owner Rommie Khalil, a security company used by the club, and the suspected shooter, Jarquez Kezavion Cooper, were also named, alongside more than 12 other parties.

During a performance on July 5, 2020, a member of Foogiano’s entourage reportedly showed a gang sign to a person in the crowd.

Police allege that Jarquez Kezavion Cooper pulled a gun and opened fired from the stage at the South Carolina nightclub.

Officers say 12 rounds were fired, and 10 people hit. Two people were killed and eight injured after gunfire erupted

The victims were identified as Mykala Bell, 23, from Greenville and Clarence Sterling Johnson, 51, of Duncan.

Both were taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

According to local news outlet WYFF4, Greenville County Sheriff Hobart Lewis said all the suspects in the case were members of Foogiano’s 40-strong entourage.

Footage shows the packed nightclub

Cooper has been charged with two counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder, and one count of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime.

Sheriff Hobart Lewis said that despite executive orders in the state requiring nightclubs to remain closed, there was a concert happening inside the club at the time of the shooting.

He said there was a “very, very, very, large crowd” inside the club, according to WYFF4.

“There’s a lot of shell casings inside,” Lewis said. “Everything is turned over, there are a few chairs in there, food on the floor, some bottles busted. You can tell somebody left in a hurry. There are some pretty large amounts of blood.”

Foogiano promoted the concert ahead of time on social media.

Hours before the concert started, Foogiano posted on Instagram: “Greenville y’all ready!? tonight bout to be a f**king movie.”

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