Megan Thee Stallion’s Ex-Friend Reacts to Claims About Night of Shooting

Kelsey Nicole, the former friend of Megan Thee Stallion, reacted to claims made by Tory Lanez’s attorney Shawn Holley about the night Megan was shot. 

Rolling Stone’s Nancy Dillon has been closely following the case and revealing information on Twitter, including Holley claiming that she spoke to Detective Ryan Stogner about a dispute inside the vehicle Kelsey, Tory, Megan, and Tory’s bodyguard were inside. Holley says Stogner stated that an “‘argument in the car escalated’ when it was revealed Tory & Megan had been in some type of intimate relationship.” 

Det. Stogner then stated that Kelsey Nicole, who “‘had a romantic interest in Tory,'” became jealous and claimed Megan ‘back-doored’ her.” Holley then stated that Tory told Det. Stogner that he was “just trying to protect my girl.” 

Kelsey Nicole responded to Nancy Dillon’s tweets, writing, “This is ALL cap,” and later adding, “I’m not worried about no NDA, this is real life Sh*t. NDA ain’t stopping anyone. Trust me my time to speak is coming, let’s let them get all their stories out. I’m the one with nothing to hide Or lie about. Difference between me and them. Celebrities will do and say whatever to save face.”

This comes after it was revealed that Tory allegedly yelled at Megan to “dance, b***h” before pulling the trigger on a gun. It was also revealed earlier this week that the judge in the case ordered Tory to stand trial for the incident. 

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