Soulja Boy Threatens to Sue Twitch

Rapper Soulja Boy threatens to sue Twitch after the streaming platform bans him, allegedly without providing any ‘proof or explanation.’

Rapper DeAndre Cortez Way, aka Soulja Boy, is one of many celebrities that have tried their hand at Twitch streaming. Soulja Boy has enjoyed a bit more success on Twitch than other celebrities that have given the streaming platform a shot, though he has recently found himself in hot water, with Twitch banning Soulja Boy twice in one day. Soulja Boy has not taken kindly to the Twitch ban, and has taken to Twitter with his complaints.

Soulja Boy was banned from Twitch on December 9, though the streaming platform quickly reversed the ban. Not long after, Twitch banned Soulja Boy again, and his account is still suspended at the time of this writing. On December 15, Soulja Boy tweeted about his frustration with his Twitch ban, asking who the CEO of Twitch is and where he would be able to find him, and then also complaining that Twitch can ban users without providing an explanation.

Twitch’s ban policies have long been a source of frustration for users, not just Soulja Boy. While it’s sometimes obvious, other times people have no idea why they have been banned from Twitch, and they are basically left at the mercy of the platform until it decides to bring back their account. Soulja Boy has taken exception to this, saying, “I gotta sue these people.”

Whether or not Soulja Boy actually files a lawsuit against Twitch remains to be seen. Soulja Boy is known for stirring the pot on Twitter, finding himself at odds with the likes of Epic Games and even WWE superstar Randy Orton. It’s entirely possible that Soulja Boy will indeed file a lawsuit against Twitch because of his ban from the platform, but it’s also possible that he’s just trying to get a reaction from the streaming giant and its executives.

The Soulja Boy Twitch ban isn’t the first time that the rapper has found himself at the center of a gaming controversy. A few years ago, Souljaboy started selling game consoles, though it was essentially a bootleg system full of stolen software. This prompted legal action from Nintendo, and in turn, Souljaboy removed his consoles from sale, though not before lashing out with some homophobic tweets.

Soulja Boy was quiet on the video game front for a couple of years after the console debacle, but more recently reached out to Tony Hawk about setting up a meeting with Activision to produce his video game idea. It’s unclear if anything ever came of that, but it seems unlikely.

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