-DAY REHAB COMPLETE …Ready to Hit Music Scene

Kodak Black is clean and sober — the rapper just successfully completed 90 days of drug rehab, and now he’s turning his attention to his career … prepping to get back on the road.

Kodak had a court hearing this week to reinstate his supervised release — now that he’s out of rehab — and his lawyer, Bradford Cohen, says the judge was happy with Kodak’s progress.

As we previously told you, the rapper and producer was ordered to a rehab facility a few months back after failing a drug test … a violation of the terms of his supervised release in his federal gun case.

But, now he seems to be turning things around for the better and we’re told he’s taking his sobriety seriously.

He’s already hit the stage too — Rolling Loud California was his first live performance since his release … after which, he headed back to Florida.

Cohen says Kodak is looking forward to making good music, and is going to try to stay away from people, places and things that would put him in harm’s way, or trigger him to use again.

We’re told Kodak is already getting hit up to tour overseas, but for now, he’s weighing his options.

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