Dave East Responds to Faizon Love Calling Him a “Fake Crip”

In 2020, Faizon Love appeared on VladTV and addressed calling Dave East a fake crip. Now, Dave East has responded to what Faizon said.

During an interview on ‘Smoke Champs,’ Dave East was asked about Faizon Love and his comments about being a fake crip. East responded by “I don’t know what I did” to get Faizon to say that. From there, the rapper said he didn’t have any problem with “Big Worm” and that he had never met the actor. Along with that, East said, “I don’t pay to do nothing, this is just me, I move how I move. I got family where I got family.”

He then said, “I f**ked with you bro, I watched ‘Friday’ all the time.” East then said he isn’t going to bad-mouth Faizon on any platform. Watch above.

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