Rapper Joe Budden Opens Up About Being Bisexual and Liking Men & Women, Ask Fans To Spread The Word In Sarcastic Rant

Could the LGBTQ+ community have a new member in Joe Budden? The host of The Joe Budden Podcast seemingly made a stunning revelation on his platform that he is a bisexual man. A 20-second clip has stormed social media showing Joe Budden making the claim, immediately causing him to trend on Twitter.

“How do I spread this news? How do I spread the word?” asks Joe Budden in the clip. The former rapper was on the set of his podcast alongside fellow co-hosts Ish and Ice as he prepares to make the statement that set social media ablaze.

“Yo, listen,” Budden begins his declaration. “I like guys and girls.” After pausing to let the statement sink in he adds, “Spread the word. I’m down.” The clip began to circulate on social media, causing mixed reactions. Some social media users felt as though Joe Budden could possibly be living in his truth. Some men even took the opportunity to shoot their shot at the “Pump It Up” rapper!

Controversial rapper Azealia Banks, who has had a contentious relationship with Joe Budden, caught wind of his comments and took to social media with a reaction of her own. On her Instagram Stories, Banks claims that the only reason Budden “came out” was to “spite her.” While she has made claims about Joe Budden’s sexuality in the past, Banks appears to have had plans to continue her allegations at the top of the year. However, she wrote in a subsequent Story that “I TOLD Y’ALL JOE BUDDEN WAS MUNCHING BIRD.”

Then there were those who felt as though Joe Budden could be saying that liked men and women for clout. And seeing Budden’s history of continuous trolling, many caught on in the belief that he was being sarcastic. One of the topics of discussion during the podcast was rapper Da Baby being uncanceled by the “CEO of the LGBTQ community”. This topic caused Budden to react in a seemingly sarcastic way that if the news spreads that he “likes men and women” all would apparently be right with the world.

Joe Budden’s relationships have also been public knowledge. In 2001, Budden became a first-time father to his namesake, aka Trey, with his then-girlfriend Angie. He also dated model and reality star Tahiry Jose for many years, on-and-off, beginning in 2005. Their relationship would be displayed on Love and Hip Hop, which included a failed marriage proposal. From there, he began dating model and video vixen Kaylin Garcia and then Cyn Santana. He shares a son Lexington with the latter, and their relationship would also be displayed on Love and Hip Hop.

With social media ablaze from the viral clip, Joe Budden seemed to have been ecstatic that his potential trolling has worked once again. Taking to Twitter, he further poured gasoline on the blaze, seemingly for those who are not privy to the context of his comments. “Ahhhhhhh, I see the word got out!! Continue to spread the word [please],” he tweeted. You can watch the episode in question below.

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