‘I Ain’t Her’: Tammy Rivera Checks Fans About Waka Flocka Marriage Post

Tammy Rivera wants fans to stay in their place.

The “Love and Hip Hop” star recently had to check a fan about mentioning her name with her husband Waka Flocka’s recent post. The “Round of Applause” rapper is never one to back down from his opinion, and is also not afraid to share it.

Waka Flocka dodges question about separation rumors with his wife Tammy Rivera (Photo: @charliesangell/Instagram)

On Wednesday, Dec. 22, he reposted another Instagram user’s message that reads, “How y’all wanna be married and don’t split the bills, but get a divorce and want half of his sh-t.” In the post, which he uploaded to his Instagram Story, he added a question box and asked his fans “How you feel about this.”

A couple of gossip blogs screenshotted and reposted Waka’s message on their pages and asking them their thoughts on it. One person in particular left a very presumptuous comment about Waka’s wife Tammy. The person wrote, “TAMMY WANTS HALF! DAMN HE BECAME A WHOLE FATHER WHEN HE DIDNT HAVE TO..”

The person is referring to Waka being a father figure to Rivera’s daughter Charlie, whom she had from a previous relationship. Earlier this year speculations rose among Waka and Rivera’s fans that the two were not together. They have not outright confirmed the news themselves yet, but several signs have led up to the speculation. Even if they aren’t together romantically, it appears based on their birthday shout-outs to each other that they are still on good terms

Waka was even photographed hanging out with Rivera’s daughter just last week.

It’s not often that Rivera responds to fans spreading rumors, but there have been times when she felt the need to, and this was one of those times.

She commented back to the person, saying, “Sweetie stfu, I ain’t her…I don’t need half of nothing from no one got my own bread..” She ended her message with one request, which was to “leave my name out this chat.”

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