Proof’s son, Nasaan the Rapper, has a natural talent for freestyle. Nasaan can always count on Eminem’s help and, more recently, Eminem’s beats. Now Nasaan planning to release his collaboration with Eminem.

In the month of July, fans heard about the collaboration of Eminem and Nassan. Now the time has come, fans should get ready. Nassan is now planning to release his joint with the legend Eminem.

Proof’s son is currently working on an album that will include a much-anticipated collaboration with Marshall Mathers. Nasaan posted a photo to Instagram that depicts his thought process when putting together the track list for the upcoming album. Song titles, marks, and notes are all scribbled on the whiteboard.

At the time of collaboration in the month of July 2021, Nasaan shared a snippet of the joint song on his Instagram Stories feed, which he captioned “SAAN X MARSHALL”.

One of the lines in particular catches the eye. It’s not precisely a title, but it’s a well-known abbreviation for a track Nasaan recorded with a friend of his late father’s — Saan x Marshall.

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