Rapper 6ix9ine Sued For Allegedly Getting Paid And No-Showing Texas Event

6ix9ine is being sued by Texas-based promoter Jamie Dominguez after he claims that the artist took money for a scheduled show and bailed. 

6ix9ine Takes the Money and Runs? 

According to Complex, JJD Entertainment contracted 6ix9ine for an event but negotiations were dicey. The original budget they were working with was $75,000 for the artist in addition to $100,000 for the venue, producers, insurance, and security. 

Rapper 6ix9ine Sued For Allegedly Getting Paid and No-Showing Texas Event

The lawsuit says that 6ix9ine was to receive $45,000 upfront signing and $75,000 when he got to the venue. An additional $28,000 was paid for a private jet to Texas. 

In the days leading up to the show, 6ix9ine’s team went back and forth with JJD Entertainment over how much the rapper was to receive and the budget went up to $178,650. 

Money and Contracts 

The Tattle Tales rapper would tell TMZ that he canceled because JJD Entertainment never paid him. JJD Entertainment wants their money back and are suing for defamation stating: 

“Shortly after Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, failed to perform in accordance with the agreement, he went on a livestream with DJ Akademiks where the Defendant, Daniel Hernandez stated that the contract price was $250,000.00, that he received a $45,000.00 deposit, and $70,000.00 in cash, knowing that those statements were false. On that livestream, Defendant, Daniel Hernandez, adamantly states that the only reason he left the concert site was because he did not get paid, knowing that statement was false.” 

Skipping shows is a pretty rare practice since it reflects poorly on the artist and puts the promoters in a tough spot—unless there are good reasons. What we have are two obviously opposing stories where 6ix9ine says he was never paid while JJD Entertainment says that he was paid. 

Unless all the money in this deal is traceable, it’s a lawsuit that could go either way. Also, the fact that JJD Entertainment paid $70,000 in cash might come back to bite the promoter. 

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