Man Arrested After Roommate’s Body Found in Suitcase, Blood Trail Led Police to Apartment

A 30-year-old Tennessee man is facing multiple charges in connection with a body that was found inside a suitcase in Memphis earlier this month.

Per a report from regional outlet WREG, Memphis police responded to a call on the evening of Dec. 12 following the discovery of a body “stuffed in a suitcase” in the Midtown area. The body inside the suitcase was later identified as that of 63-year-old Bruce Jeffries. Jeffries, according to local authorities, died from blunt force trauma to the head.

A witness informed investigators that they had seen Julian Summers, 30, dragging the suitcase in question through an alley earlier the same day. Summers, according to this witness, is also alleged to have attempted throwing the suitcase into a dumpster but failed to do so due to the weight. Ultimately, per the witness, Summers ditched the suitcase and fled after noticing someone was watching him. Later, footage taken from an apartment complex showed Summers with the suitcase.

Investigative authorities stated that a “blood trail” from the suitcase led them to the Broadmoor Apartments complex, at which point a search was conducted that resulted in the discovery of additional blood and “signs of struggle.” It was later determined that Summers and Jeffries had been roommates at this apartment.

Arrest records viewed by Complex show that Summer has now been charged with second-degree murder, tampering with/fabricating evidence, and abuse of a corpse. Complex has reached out to a rep for the Memphis Police Department for additional comment.

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