29-Year-Old Single Man Adopts Five Siblings Because He Didn’t Want Them To Be Separated – Video

Robert Carter, a 29-year-old single man, has adopted five children from the same family in order to keep all of them together. Carter was just 12-year old when he was stationed at the foster home leading to the separation of his eight siblings. Carter himself had to survive the trauma of separation, and he understands the emotions one has for one’s siblings very well.

He was chagrined to learn that he had no companion in his life to whom he can talk and share his sorrows and happiness.

Carter when decided to become a foster parent, initially fostered three brothers. However, later, when he came to know about their two sisters who got separated from them, he instantly contacted the girls’ foster parents and set up a reunion for them. He had tears in his eyes when he saw all siblings together, asking each other well-being, and sharing their love for each other. That defining moment, he decided to adopt two girls’ as well so that all siblings can live together happily under the same roof.

After the finalization of the adoption case, Carter is now the father of 4-year old Kiontae; Giovanni, five; Makayla, eight; Robert Jr., nine, and Marionna, ten. Carter said many people around me and over the internet were critical and disapproving of my act of adopting all siblings as I am young and would find it difficult to give them a life of fulfillment. “However, I see it as plain sailing. In my view, when you have a good heart and keenness to help people, all things naturally get sorted and systemized by the Almighty,” Carter told.

“I felt relieved seeing all siblings together and got a bit emotional and misty-eyed. Seeing them together, I feel, I got my all siblings back,” Carter informed. Carter is also planning to buy a big house and had set up a GoFundMe account to raise the fund. People over the internet are cherishing the kind act and are coming forward to help Carter raise money for the house. Till now, Carter has raised $74,000 out of the set target of $150,000.

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