NYC man shot dead in upper Manhattan was a mugger, shooter’s girlfriend says; video shows he pulled gun before he died

Shooting victim Jorge Martinez, 25, a wholesale delivery worker that was shot and killed 11/26/21 in a confrontation where both sides were armed on W 177 St & Wadsworth in Washington Heights. (Obtained by Daily News)

A young father shot dead in a confrontation in Washington Heights displayed a gun and tried to ambush the man who killed him, video obtained by the Daily News shows.

Jorge Martinez, 25, was shot once in the chest at about 1:40 a.m. Nov. 26 on W. 177th St. and Wadsworth Ave. Martinez’s family fumed last week that the shooter, Edward Sosa, was only charged with weapon possession, not murder.

But video from a nearby surveillance camera and provided to prosecutors and Sosa’s defense lawyers shows Martinez was an aggressor in the deadly encounter.

Sosa, 34, was on the way back from a store with his girlfriend Jennifer Rosario’s 17-year-old son when Martinez and another man approached them.

The video shows Martinez and the other man used a van parked on the street for cover as they approached Sosa and the teen.

Suddenly, Martinez and the other man rushed to the sidewalk, coming up behind Sosa and and the teen. Martinez displayed a gun, the video shows.

According to Rosario, Martinez said: “Don’t make it hot, or I’ll shoot!”

Sosa saw fear in her son’s eyes, and felt he had to defend the teen, Rosario told The News.

Sosa reached for what looked like a holster and fired a single shot, sending Martinez sprawling to the ground. Martinez didn’t survive the wound.

Sosa had sensed he was being followed in the moments leading up to the shooting, which was why he was so quick to react with his gun, Rosario said.

“He’s really a hero. He’s a victim,” Rosario said of her boyfriend. “If not, I would have been burying my son. He’s my only son.”

Cops on Dec. 23 announced Sosa’s arrest on a murder charge. But by the time of Sosa’s arraignment in Manhattan Criminal Court early on Dec. 24, prosecutors had dropped the charge to one count of weapon possession.

He was later freed on $50,000 bond.

Rosario was furious at a claim by Ashlyn Taveras, the mother of Martinez’s daughter, that Sosa “came out of nowhere” and attacked him.

“You think my son deserved that?” Rosario asked. “Why would you sit there and do that, say that people came out of nowhere?” she said.

Despite seeing the video, Taveras still blames Sosa, and claimed Martinez’s gun didn’t work.

“People see it as a point of view, you know what I mean? Everybody sees it different,” she said. “He never shoot on the guy. At the end of the day, he didn’t shoot nobody.”

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