The third installment of the Bully series written & directed by Alex Hugo has been released. Alex Hugo returns with the final installment of the crime, drama, & thriller. The Bully Trilogy.

Originally released on 2015. Bully The rise of two kingz takes place in the Bronx. With two rogue cops who wasnt playing the book. Rico played by Alex Hugo & Valentine played by Oronde Baltimore.  Working undercover to take down the Notorious Tremont Boyz. Originally slated to be a webseries. But this was not your average cop show!!

The cast gave an outstanding performance making Bully Mania as Alex Hugo like to call it unstoppable. A series wasnt enough. And the story unfolded. Alex returned with Bully ” The Dead Dont Die”   written by Alex Hugo & Tanzania Hughie Rico & Valentine

Bully The Dead Dont Die is about Valentine A cop oath to protect & serve is his bond. Fighting to resist a hustlers lifestyle of indulgence that may mltake him & prostitute lover down for good . A very interesting movie. Walls were closing in Rico while Valentine Never a dull moment. The cast out did theirselves delivering each character to the T. Definitely will keep you in suspense. The story is easy to follow. With a bunch of twist & turns and great suprises.

Bully “The Dead Dont Die ” can be found downloaded and streamed on both Tubi & released in 2020 The cast of Bully had everyones attention urging Alex Hugo to put a part 2. Where he tells rico side of the story.

Bully “The Rico Story” tells the story from Rico eyes. A crooked cop has one last chance to repent. This acting on this was superb. Alex hugo takes you on a journey with unforeseen surprises. This film had my undivided attention. Exclusively can be streamed & downloaded at Head on over there and become apart of the experience.

Salute to Alex Hugo & The whole cast of Bully. You guys keep putting out a great content and it deserves tremendous support.

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