VIDEO: Naomi Osaka Left Baffled by Rapper Boyfriend Cordae’s Dance Moves

4-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka and rapper boyfriend Cordae sure are a power couple. The two began their relationship somewhere around the start of 2019 and have been dating for almost three full years now. Of course, it wasn’t until almost a full year that they officially revealed their relationship to the world.

Osaka often moves with Cordae whenever he goes on tour, while he is a very common presence at her matches.

Naomi Osaka is impressed with Cordae’s dance moves

Naomi Osaka, who is currently in Australia preparing for the Australian Open, is still taking time out for her partner. Notably, she is going to defend her title this year in Melbourne.

Today, on January 3rd, Osaka posted a video on her Instagram, where she’s spending time with 24-year-old rapper boyfriend. The two are all smiles as the song ‘No Love’ by Summer Walker plays in the background.

On the other hand, Cordae, who is sure having a great time, remains uncaring. He looks into the camera, points towards it and sings along as he sits and bops his head to the song.

Naomi is ready to reign again

Naomi Osaka took most of the second half of 2021 off from the tour. She cited mental health concerns as the reason. In fact, her decision to do so sparked a larger conversation about athletes’ mental health while on tour.

Now, months of playing irregularly and some underwhelming performances later, the 24-year-old star is back on the slopes. She has been practicing while in Australia and is one of the biggest draws this year at the first Grand Slam of the year.

In a year where the Australian Open is going to be missing some very big names, Naomi Osaka making it here is a big feat. Not only is her presence a treat for her fans, but for television networks and the tournament administration in general, since a lot of other big-name stars have either pulled out of the major due to the pandemic or personal injuries.

Do you think Naomi Osaka will successfully defend her title Down Under, or will she be dethroned this month?

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