Mercedes-Benz revealed a sleek electric car with Tesla-crushing range, solar panels, and a 47.5-inch screen

  • Mercedes-Benz unveiled the Vision EQXX, an electric concept car with 620-plus miles of range. 
  • Its aerodynamic design and lightweight materials contribute to that efficiency, Mercedes says. 
  • The EQXX previews things Mercedes could incorporate into future electric cars. 

Mercedes-Benz took the wraps off of a striking electric concept car on Monday. Meet the Vision EQXX.

You probably won’t be able to buy a Mercedes exactly like the Vision EQXX anytime soon. But some of the advancements Mercedes developed here could make their way into your future electric Benz.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX.

If range anxiety is the fear of running out of energy in an electric car, Mercedes wants the EQXX to be something like a chill pill.

Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX.

Mercedes built the EQXX to be its most efficient car, it said — one that demonstrates that range anxiety could become a thing of the past.

The Vision EQXX should deliver at least 620 miles of driving range on a full battery, Mercedes says. That beats the rangiest electric car you can buy today (the $170,000 Lucid Air) by 100 miles.

If Mercedes’ claims are true, the EQXX would beat the longest-range Tesla by more than 200 miles.

But Mercedes didn’t just give the EQXX a gigantic battery pack and call it a day. It says it’s engineered the EQXX to deliver more range using less energy.

Mercedes gave the EQXX a teardrop shape that lets it slip through the air even better than the EQS, the company’s electric flagship. Mercedes says the EQXX is more aerodynamic than a football.

The EQXX also gets special tires that cut down on rolling resistance …

… and lightweight magnesium wheels.

Mercedes made it a point to cut weight wherever possible. It chopped out excess material and used 3D-printed parts.

As a result, the EQXX weighs around 3,800 pounds, about a ton less than Mercedes’ EQS sedan.

The company also developed a new battery pack and drivetrain to optimize efficiency.

Since the EQXX is geared more toward long road trips than track days, it makes relatively little power — just 200 horses.

Solar panels integrated into the EQXX’s roof can add up to 25 kilometers (about 15 miles) of range under ideal weather conditions, Mercedes says.

It wouldn’t be a Benz if it didn’t have a luxurious cabin.

But the EQXX’s interior, just like the rest of the car, is all about efficiency.

Mercedes filled the cabin with sustainable materials that it says lower the car’s overall carbon footprint.

The door pulls are made from a vegan silk-like material, the company says.

The EQXX also sports vegan leathers made from mushrooms and cacti, according to Mercedes.

Some surfaces are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Vision EQXX also offers a sneak peek at the future of Mercedes’ in-car screens. The concept has a single massive display that stretches 47.5 inches across the dashboard.

We already knew Mercedes is getting serious about electric cars. The EQXX concept is yet another sign of what’s to come in the automaker’s battery-powered future.

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