This is Talia Tilley she accused Yung Berg “Hit Maker” of pistol whipping her in March 2020. Not only did she LIE and say no one tried to Rob him the night in question which is in slide 3 clearly shows men trying to get into his house.

🚨But this is the same girl 1 month before people accused her of setting POP Smoke up because she was in the bedroom when he got killed. THE SAME PEOPLE THAT ROBBED YUNG BERG ARE THE SAME PEOPLE ACCUSED OF KILLING POP SMOKE 🚨 Coincidence where?‼️

Female or NOT she not exempt from getting handled by karma‼️

She’s hiding behind the fact that Berg beat her and he has prior domestic violence cases. That’s the TOPIC. Fellas be careful 🙏🏼😡

I use to get mad when a dude asked 1,000 questions when I met him thinking to myself what does he think i’m going to set him up but I don’t blame y’all at all!!! It can easily cause you your life. NO PUSS is worth that. Before you comment read and watch EVERYTHING.

This is crazy and because she has military parents and a clean record all these facts shouldn’t be honored WTF!! Just 1 MONTH before Pop was killed at her hands from the same potential thing that could have happened to @hitmaka She wanted to go in the hot tub in 50 degree weather. He deff would have been in a body bag they were ready😔 No wonder Pop case was weird her parents must of had a lot to do with investigating her ass 😡

RIP @realpopsmoke 🙏🏼💙

@cthagod @joebudden y’all did right by exposing her!!!

🚨People please protect yourselves!!!

Times are hard and people are looking for a easy come up but it’s NOT A GOOD ONE‼️

🚨Hire security when you have these hoes over! if you don’t have any you can trust or don’t know one @frank_maserati from Mason security I can say everyone I know that has used him has not only co signed but says he goes above and beyond for his clients. He’s will play no games with protecting you.. That’s just one solution!

I’m so mad right now… Share this ‼️ and watch us find out how many more people she did the same thing too. Won’t silence me. IDGAF if i’m saving a life from her

@iamblacksuccess thanks I had to look further 🙏🏼www.hiphopraisedmetheblog.com

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