Chicago Rapper Shoots Up Party After He Walks In And Sees His Girlfriend Twerking On IG Live

Reports say a popular Chicago rapper walked into a party and started shooting on live Instagram after seeing his girlfriend twerk with her friends. The fortunate thing is that no one got injured or died.

Wild times in 2022 already.

A popular Chicago rapper is being accused of shooting up a party last night, MTO News has learned.

According to social media reports, the rapper walked into the party and saw his girlfriend twerking with her friends The rapper then allegedly pulled out his gun and shot up the party.

Luckily no one was seriously injured.

MTO News is not releasing the name of the Chicago rapper who is rumored to have shot up the [party, as we were not able to independently confirm that he was the one who fired the shots.

According to the Chicago police department, 2021 ended with 797 homicides. That is 25 more than were recorded 2020, 299 more than in 2019 and the most since 1996. And there were 3,561 shooting incidents in 2021, which is just over 300 more than were recorded in 2020 and a staggering 1,415 more shooting incidents than were recorded in the city in 2019.

Other cities have also seen an increase in the number of homicides. But Chicago, as it has in previous years, ended 2021 with more homicides than any other city in the United States, including New York and Los Angeles, both of which had recorded at least 300 fewer homicides than Chicago for the year as of late December, according to police data from those cities.

It appears the rapper just shot the gun in the air and wasn’t trying to shoot anyone, but yeah, be careful out there Twerk squad, you never know when someone’s man is coming in with the gat.

It wasn’t like she was twerking on a guy, so I am not sure why he was so upset.

Watch below to see the wild shooting twerk video

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